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Are You Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

By Neal J. Leitereg In case you're in complete denial or have been living under a rock in recent days, it has become quite apparent that THE ZOMBIE APOCALPYSE IS UPON US, PEOPLE. Reported horrific incidents of face-eating, intestine-throwing, arm-gnawing, hush-hush hazmat evacuations, and/or general cannibalistic mayhem... Continue Reading »

Zombie-Proof Your Home Before Friday's Rapture

Harold Camping, the evangelical Henny Penny of the Apocalypse, has got that feeling again. This time, the 90-year-old prophet is claiming that the world will "probably" end Oct. 21, 2011. What are the odds he goes 0-2? (Let's not revisit his predictions throughout the '90s for the moment.) To hedge your bets on the eve of... Continue Reading »

Get Shady: Shadowcasts Present Home Décor in a New Light

Patching nail holes and scraping residue from the walls when you're ready to change up the artwork is soooo last year. Thanks to shadowcasts - a form of artwork created by controlling an object's shadow - taking down passé art is as simple as turning off a light. Here's an ode to some of our favorite home... Continue Reading »

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