See Homes of the Rich and Over 50

Unless Cher is inviting you over, about the only time mere mortals ever get to peek inside the homes of the rich and famous is when they list them for sale. Whether these post 50 celebrities are hoping to downsize or just move on, it's open lookie-loo season! Vote for your favorite post 50 celebrity home on the market. ... Continue Reading »

I Spy: Pierce Brosnan Ready to Sell?

Last week, the landscapers were installing the vegetation necessary to keep our prying eyes from seeing Pierce Brosnan's new Malibu house. And today we noted in the MLS that his old house -- also on Malibu's Broad Beach -- had a status change to pending. If the MLS was Facebook, we'd say Brosnan is now engaged, with... Continue Reading »

Sale Pending? Brad Pitt's Malibu Home Pulled Off Market

Brad Pitt's house in Malibu, Calif., was withdrawn from the market, according to the MLS. In the world of celebrity real estate deals, this generally happens when the seller has reeled in a buyer and the ink on the deal is just about dry. So far, there's been no recorded sale, but since a moving company was spotted at... Continue Reading »

Chicago Sports Figures in Real Estate Bidding War?

What do you get when you mix a Chicago Cubs exec with a Chicago Blackhawks player? A bidding war over a Lakeview house, if speculation is to be believed. And let's just say that bidding wars in today's real estate market are about as rare as the Cubbies heading for the World Series. Theo Epstein, the current Cubs savior,... Continue Reading »

David Spade's Malibu Beach Home Sees Price Erosion

Master-of-the-putdown comic David Spade just listed his Malibu beachfront home at $13.5 million, a bit closer to earthly realities than when he first tried to sell it in 2007 for $16 million. The razor-tongue Spade is perhaps learning the "Rules of Engagement" of the current housing downturn. He bought the... Continue Reading »

Viewpoint: Is Housing Crisis Just a State of Mind?

Is it possible that the housing crisis is really just a problem caused by our state of mind, not the state of the economy? Is the thing stopping people from buying houses nothing more than their perceptions? Apparently, to some extent, yes. We are having what, if economists talked like this, could be described as an... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Malibu Short Sale With a Steep Price Drop

Think the high-end of the market hasn't been felled by the economic downturn? Guess again. Here's a lovely four-bedroom contemporary home in Malibu, Calif., that is now being offered as a short sale with a recent price drop of $1 million. Ouch. The 5,000-square-foot home is now listed at $2.85 million, subject to the... Continue Reading »

Home Design Can Trigger Memory Lapse, Research Says

I regularly walk into my kitchen and open a drawer, only to forget what I am looking for. I walk into our laundry room to claim some clean socks, only to forget what it was I needed. When I call for the dog, my kid's name sometimes comes out of my mouth. And as much as I dislike Rick Perry, I totally got how he couldn't... Continue Reading »

Watch the Bay From Pamela Anderson's Rental

"Baywatch" queen Pamela Anderson -- and for the record, we're Borat-size Pamela fans -- is either giving the website Vacation Rentals By Owner (VRBO) a major publicity boost or the businesswoman in her (the only Malibu mom we've ever seen reading The Wall Street Journal at Little League games) sees a way to put her empty... Continue Reading »

10 Things to Be Thankful For, Even in Real Estate

Finding things to be thankful for in real estate this year requires a little creativity, but in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here goes our list of things and people for which we are grateful: 1. We are grateful for still having our homes. There were at least 2.7 million foreclosures in the past five years and another... Continue Reading »

Bruce Willis Lists His Idaho Ski Retreat

Actor Bruce Willis is a fixture on the Sun Valley Idaho real estate scene, owning multiple properties in the ski resort area. He's about to own one less though, having just put his 20-acre, lakefront ranch on the market for $15 million. Willis' agent, Janine Bear with Sun Valley Sotheby's International Realty, told... Continue Reading »

The New Homeless: Living Behind the Wheel

During the Great Depression, people who were forced to live in their cars were known as "Ford families." Today, they go by the far more impersonal name of the "vehicular homeless," and you can count 45-year-old Carey Fuller and her two daughters, 8 and 17, among them. The Fullers (pictured above) became homeless in... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: French Norman, Now Remove Your Shoes

There are some architectural styles that just dictate my behavior. For instance, whenever I see a French Norman estate, I feel like I should lower my voice to a whisper and put paper slippers over my shoes before I traipse on in. This is one of those places. Located in Bel-Air, a Los Angeles community of expensive... Continue Reading »

When It Comes to Mortgages, Women Don't Shop Enough

There's a surprising new finding that says women get lousier mortgage rates than men, but not because of gender discrimination. It's because instead of shopping around for cheaper loans, they rely on the recommendations of friends. To recap: When it comes to mortgages, women don't shop enough. The report... Continue Reading »

Divorcing? Don't Do What Demi May Have Done

Let's preface this by saying Demi Moore didn't call us to consult on her plan to divorce Ashton Kutcher (or anything else for that matter). So we really don't know about any existing or non-existing pre-nups, legal agreements or much of anything else that transpired in their marriage and pre-divorce planning. But what we... Continue Reading »

Joe Paterno's Real Estate Transfer: Suspicious or Not?

Why would former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno transfer ownership of his house, worth $594,484, to his wife for $1 in July, unless he knew that he was about to be drawn into the college's sex-abuse scandal, with potential civil lawsuits and damages heading upfield toward him? While his lawyer told The New... Continue Reading »

Longtime Resident k.d. lang Lists Laurel Canyon Home

There is no finer driving music than k.d. lang singing "Hallelujah" with the volume cranked up so loud that it rattles the windows in the car next to you. Don't even think about arguing with me on this one. And with the news that the four-time Grammy award-winner is selling her longtime home in Laurel Canyon area of Los... Continue Reading »

House of the Day: Tuscany on the Beach

There comes a time in every real estate writer's life when she simply can no longer see the forest for the trees. She complains aloud that there should be a lifetime ceiling on just how many Mediterraneans one can reasonably be asked to describe and prays that the one she just wrote about will be her last. And then... Continue Reading »

Charlie Sheen Pulls Off a Housing Market Miracle

With tiger blood coursing through his veins, Charlie Sheen pulled off a housing market miracle. He sold a house for $2.9 million that he bought in 2007 for $2.575 million. The buyer was actor Simon Helberg, star of "The Big Bang Theory." For the record, if there is anyone else out there who bought in 2007 and sold this... Continue Reading »

Howie Mandel Lists Malibu Home for $7.25 Million

Will it be "Deal or No Deal" for comic and TV host Howie Mandel, who just listed his Malibu ocean view home at $7.25 million? Mandel's Cape Cod has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms in almost 6,000 square feet. The Point Dume area home was designed by architect Douglas Burdge and sits on more than an acre. It has a... Continue Reading »

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