Architectural Digest Showcases Latest Home Design Trends

The hottest home design trends for 2014 include sleek ergonomic design, organic materials and customization, says designer Campion Platt. As Platt comments in the video above, "One of the big AOL On trends is where you have ergonomic functionality, but also things feel good to the touch. They look good... Continue Reading »

Tornado Victims' Rebuild Leaves Them Feeling Abandoned

Nearly a year after their home was destroyed in the massive tornado that struck Moore, Okla., last spring, a family says that they've now fallen victim to a contractor who's left their house stuck in the early stages of rebuilding, with no end to the project in sight. And they suspect that they're not the only ones... Continue Reading »

Oscar-Worthy Home Theaters

Zillow Among the highest priorities now for homebuyers with high incomes is that their dwellings have home theaters. According to a survey last year of homebuyers with incomes over $250,000, home theaters ranked above wine cellars, safe rooms, tennis or sports courts and even servants quarters. Of course, what qualifies... Continue Reading »

Putting a House Out of Reach of Flood, Insurance Hikes

WBAL/AOL On Instead of letting the threat of another Hurricane Sandy-type flood get him down, a homeowner in suburban Baltimore is building up. Derek Derossett of Middle River, Md., has joined many other American homeowners by literally lifting his house out of the flood plain -- in this case by raising it more... Continue Reading »

Bill Would Ban Tenants From Growing, Using Medical Marijuana

Shutterstock In another sign that the battle over legalized pot is heating up on the home front, a bill introduced in Michigan would bar medical marijuana patients and caregivers from growing or smoking the drug without landlords' permission. The issue, reports the Michigan news media, is the damage that can result. ... Continue Reading »

Jailed Mortgage Fraudster Maintains Grip on Victims' Homes

Though tales of booming housing markets have pushed foreclosure horror stories out of the headlines, the problem persists in those stubborn pockets of the economy still mired in crisis. That includes California, which has seen a dramatic turnaround in the past year, but where rapid growth -- followed by a high... Continue Reading »

Family's 'Dream' Tree House Nailed by Building Code

Trevor Thornton says that as a kid he always dreamed of having a tree house but missed his chance. He didn't want the same to happen to his children, so when he finally got the opportunity to build one, it was an elaborate structure that most children can only dream about. But the scene of Nerf Gun battles is now... Continue Reading »

Developer Turns Shipping Containers Into Student Housing

GeoBeats/AOL On Converting shipping containers into homes is something that's been done successfully and stylishly for several years now, but a developer in South Africa is taking the process to another level with a student-housing project in Johannesburg. The just-completed project involves stacks of the shipping... Continue Reading »

Landlord: Tenants Get '30 Minutes' Notice of Eviction [Video]

KATV A TV station in Arkansas has been reporting on how laws there give the advantage to landlords over tenants, but for some landlords, operating within the law doesn't seem enough. As seen in the video below, even a 10-day eviction notice appears to be far too long for landlord Larry Curtis of Clarendon, Ark., a town of... Continue Reading »

Minnesota Man's Backyard Project Soars to Olympic Heights [Video]

AOL On Looking for a cool backyard project this weekend, or for several weekends? If you've got some snow (and who in the Midwest and Northeast doesn't?) and the space, you could do worse than follow the example of a dad in south-central Minnesota. Dana Schmieg got in the Olympic spirit by building a luge run for... Continue Reading »

Tenants' Door Won't Close in Extreme Cold [Video]

WBND As if the cold outside isn't bad enough this winter, a family in northern Indiana has had to endure freezing temperatures inside as a door at their rented home has continually been forced open by the harsh weather. But the response from the landlord about fixing the problem has been chilly so far, reports a South Bend... Continue Reading »

Neglected Water-Main Break Leaves Home Sealed in Ice

WTAE/AOL On While it's common for extreme temperatures to cause water mains to break. Much less common is for that kind of problem to be left to linger. The strain on public utilities from freezing temperatures in much of the U.S. could explain why a fractured pipe was left to gush water for several hours in a... Continue Reading »

The Priciest Views in the U.S.

Related Companies via CNBC With the news out of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, being that the 85 richest people in the world have as much wealth as half of the rest of us, here's a timely glimpse at where some among the top percentile live these days. Or at least a look at the perspective from those lofty... Continue Reading »

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan Answers Your Questions

Zillow [UPDATE, 2 p.m. EST: The live stream event has ended but video of the town hall is viewable below.] Join today's town hall meeting here with the Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan as he addresses -- via live stream viewable below -- the issues surrounding minority access to housing.... Continue Reading »

Appraiser's Lessons About Home-Selling, Crafted in Legos

Sacramento Appraisal Blog We've always thought that the ideal home appraiser would be someone with the X-ray vision of Superman, the wisdom of Yoda, the calculating mind of Iron Man, and the keen eye for value of Indiana Jones. Maybe that's why we found one California appraiser's use of Lego sets and action figures to be... Continue Reading »

Rental Scam Allegedly Bilked Dozens Out of Millions [Video]

When it comes to audacity, is Robert Tribble the Bernie Madoff of Craigslist rental scammers? Tribble stands accused of making millions in rent and deposits by trolling Florida's Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin counties for foreclosed and vacant properties, then forging documents on those properties so that he could... Continue Reading »

Pot Smoking Draws Fire From Tenants, Landlords in Colorado

KUSA Coloradans who think that the state's recent legalization of marijuana now makes it OK to fire up a joint at home might be in for a shock. If they're renting, they might be subject to a crackdown by landlords and protests from fellow tenants. Denver station KUSA already reports a flurry of contacts from renters in that... Continue Reading »

Why Sears 'Kit' Homes Are Cataloged as American Classics [Video]

Ordering a home from a catalog was at one time as normal as ordering a book on Amazon. Take for example the home in the video above, built in 1928 from a design sold by Sears. Known as "The Martha Washington," the model (pictured below) could be had for $3,727 -- with some assembly required. ulive/AOL... Continue Reading »

Gated Community in La Jolla Raising a Stink Over Poop Smell

Ken Lund/Flickr The San Diego enclave of La Jolla has a poop problem, and like many things in this affluent seaside neighborhood, it's hardly average. According to La Jolla Patch, those in the new gated community of La Jolla Shores have been complaining that protected marine life -- such as sea lions, seals and sea birds... Continue Reading »

How Young Couple Renovated a 'Really Old House' [Video]

A young couple's casual stroll through their Cincinnati neighborhood turned into a home-remodeling odyssey when they came across a historic house that started giving them "ideas." Brad Kihnke and Allison Erwin lived only a couple of blocks away from a row house built in 1829 and Kihnke's first look inside, in the... Continue Reading »

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