Tips on Protecting Your Home in Extreme Cold [Video]

A bad situation can become rapidly worse if a home's pipes freeze or heater malfunctions. The above video shows some simple steps that homeowners and renters can take to prevent those from happening, but here are some additional tips from AOL Real Estate's archives: KCCI/AOL On Use safe heat sources to thaw... Continue Reading »

2013's Most Outrageous Stories in Real Estate

Chicago Police Dept. While 2013 was a year that saw a sudden scarcity of available single-family homes, affordable rentals and even foreclosures in many areas, the real estate sector saw no shortage of bizarre and outrageous tales. With more Americans pushed into renting, and more homeowners becoming "accidental landlords,"... Continue Reading »

Scary Money Stories: When Houses Haunt Your Finances

Getty Images Many of the scariest money troubles have to do with real estate. A misstep managing home-related finances can mean having to move back in with Mom... or worse. Come hear some of our readers' most spine-tingling tales of financial woe -- and find out what you can do if it happens to you. The Money Pit ... Continue Reading »

When a 'Basement' Is Your Home: Sandy Insurance Battles

Julio Cortez/AP Irene Sobolov and her son Joey at the kitchen table of the ground floor living area in Hoboken, N.J., that is being called a "basement" By Irene Sobolov I am completely freaked out when it rains! I hate the sound of it and the thought of any high tide. My entire "public" living area was ruined in... Continue Reading »

Woman's Belongings Lost When Repo Crew Empties Wrong House

You'd like to think that if someone broke into your home, then backed up a truck and carted away all your worldly possessions, that they could be found criminally guilty of something. But that's not the case for Nikki Bailey of Logan, W.Va., who came home from visiting a friend in the hospital to find that all of her... Continue Reading »

San Diego's Famous 'Cats' House' Sells

How long do you think it would take to sell a house dedicated to the comfort of cats? We're not talking about the kind of feces-strewn cat-hoarder hovel that regularly shows up on the local news as a neighborhood nuisance. This is "The Cats' House" in San Diego made world famous -- some would say notorious -- via... Continue Reading »

Inside Real-Life Love Affair Inspired by 'Sleepless in Seattle' Home

"What if someone you never met, someone you never saw, someone you never knew was the only someone for you?" That's the idea behind -- and tagline to -- 1993's romantic comedy "Sleepless in Seattle," which found huge financial and cultural success in improbably uniting characters portrayed by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, who... Continue Reading »

Shut Out By a Seller's Market? A Letter Goes a Long Way

They had great credit, a pre-approved mortgage and a baby on the way. But when Ian and Cindy Sagabaen began house hunting in the San Francisco Bay Area, a notorious seller's market, they were outbid at every turn -- until they tried something different. They wanted to upgrade their single bedroom rental for... Continue Reading »

Burglars Boldly Strike Multiple Homes as Missouri Family Mourns

Criminals aren't known for showing compassion for their victims; if they did, they wouldn't commit crimes in the first place. And while it shouldn't be surprising, it's still disturbing to learn that one of the best opportunities for criminals to strike is when their victims are mourning the death of a loved one. ... Continue Reading »

House That Grieving Family Left Stuck in Time, Now a Museum

Like something out of a Dickens novel, 81 years ago a loss left a family so bereft that they essentially tried to freeze time. Grocer William Straw Sr. lived for about 10 years with his wife and youngest son in a semi-detached home in the Sheffield suburb of Worksop, in northern England. The family lived an unremarkable... Continue Reading »

Criminal Past Turns Family's Dream Home Into Nightmare

After years of renting, Jonathan and Beth Hankins were excited to purchase their own home in Klamath Falls, Ore. They found their dream home in a neighborhood of young families. The house had previously been foreclosed on and needed some renovations, so they added a fresh coat of paint, re-tiled the bathrooms and... Continue Reading »

Why Real Estate Investors Have the Edge in Housing Market

Prospective homebuyers are entering some markets today to find it rife with competition and the pickings slim. While many put off home purchases during the financial crisis, Wall Street investors dove right in and snapped up all the good buys while they were cheap. This was especially prevalent in areas where... Continue Reading »

Art Collective Penique Productions Wraps Buildings in Color

They're like works by Christo, but in Techicolor. Like the artistic duo famous for wrapping the Sydney Opera House, the Reichstag, and other landmarks, the Spanish art collective Penique Productions wraps architecture -- but from the inside, and more colorfully. They spread giant plastic sheets across the interiors of... Continue Reading »

Mercer Island Waterfront Mansion Sells at Half Its 2010 Asking Price (House of the Day)

We don't usually feature homes on #housepornthurs that aren't up for grabs. But we're making an exception for this Mercer Island, Wash., waterfront mansion that was submitted by AOL family member Mercer Island Patch last week. The uber-luxurious home sold in late November for $13.25 million. That may seem like a... Continue Reading »

Home Insurance: What's Covered, What Isn't

Looking to know more about home insurance in the wake of Hurricane Sandy? Republished here is one of AOL Real Estate's best guides to understanding a homeowners policy. Many homeowners are baffled by trying to figure out the maze that is home insurance. Take Stephanie and Eric Jones, who for 15 years paid too much... Continue Reading »

Illegal Housing: N.Y. County Plans Crackdown on Landlords

Alarmed by the conditions in illegal rental housing that are putting tenants, as well as firefighters, at risk, a county in upstate New York has turned a task force on the problem. In Rockland County, municipal lawmakers, firefighters and health department employees have joined together in an effort to impose strict... Continue Reading »

Unfathomable Swimming Pools: Swim Like the Rich and Famous

Nothing like a week-long scorcher to make home buyers appreciate the value of a good swimming pool. But wade into the luxury real estate market and you'll find swimming pools with bigger price tags than most houses. Take, for instance, the pool featured above, which appeared in everyone's favorite Southern-fried vampire... Continue Reading »

Frank Lloyd Wright's Famed Ennis House Sells for $4.5M

One of Frank Lloyd Wright's most beloved homes has been saved from further deterioration by a billionaire architecture buff, according to the property's steward. Our friends at Curbed tipped us off to the sale of the famed Ennis House, a 6,200-square-foot "textile-block" home reminiscent of a Mayan temple. The home was... Continue Reading »

Ferris Bueller Home Taken Off the Market

Buyer?...Buyer? Back in January, we noted that the iconic house from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" was up for sale. Remember when Cameron "killed" the car? That happened in this house. But after nearly two years on the market and multiple price cuts, Jacob Nelson at Highland Park Patch tells us that the home is... Continue Reading »

Vacation Homes: Buy Here, Not There

The housing crisis has taken hold across the country in very different ways, and for those fortunate buyers with the resources to purchase vacation homes in this economy, discounts are bountiful. But with more affordably priced markets to choose from comes the daunting task of deciding where to plant roots. That's why ERA... Continue Reading »

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