Most Expensive NYC Apartment Sale Closes at $88 Million

The family of a Russian billionaire has bought a New York City penthouse apartment for $88 million. The Wall Street Journal says the property on Central Park West in Manhattan is now the most expensive apartment in New York. The seller was Sanford I. Weill, the former head of Citigroup Inc. It was bought by a trust... Continue Reading »

HUD Renegs on Letting Evicted 101-Year-Old Return Home

You may recall the story of Texana Hollis, the 101-year-old Detroit woman who lost her home due to her son's ill-advised borrowing, but was set to reoccupy the property after a groundswell of public support. Now Hollis (pictured above) faces yet another obstacle in returning to her family home of nearly 60 years: The... Continue Reading »

Hey 'Jersey Shore' Fans: Now You Can Rent the House

SEASIDE HEIGHTS, N.J. -- Fans of MTV's "Jersey Shore" can get a firsthand look at the gym-tan-laundry lifestyle by renting the house where the reality series is taped. Just bring $2,500 a night and your own drama. Renters to the home in Seaside Heights have access to the duck phone and the double bed in the... Continue Reading »

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