Buy Me! 5 Creative Ways to Land a Home Sale This Spring

Spring home selling season is upon us, and there are more homes on the market this year than ever before. According to reports from the National Association of Realtors and CoreLogic, more than a year's worth of homes are for sale or in the foreclosure pipeline. With so many homes available, homeowners need to find new... Continue Reading »

Home Buyer Turnoffs: Six Mistakes Sellers Must Avoid

If you're trying to sell your home, you know it's a buyer's market out there. According to BusinessWeek, there is an 8.6-month supply of homes on the market. That's on top of a shadow inventory of 1.8 million homes that are delinquent or under foreclosure proceedings, equating to an additional nine-month supply. With so... Continue Reading »

'The Jungle' Author's Literary Home Gets Discounted

The historic home of The Jungle author Upton Sinclair, originally on the market in Monrovia, Calif., for $1.5 million has been reduced to $1.3 million. Built in 1923, it has 2,380 square feet, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. In 1971, it became a Registered National Historic Landmark. National Historic Landmarks are nationally... Continue Reading »

85,000-Square-Foot Home Plan Rattles Posh L.A. Neighborhood

There is a battle brewing in Benedict Canyon, Calif., over a five-acre property being developed into an 85,000-square-foot home plan for a Saudi Arabian prince. For the uninformed, Benedict Canyon is prime California real estate which stretches from the picturesque Mulholland Drive down to the famous Sunset Boulevard.... Continue Reading »

Scottie Pippen Memorabilia Sold Off at Yard Sale

When retired NBA star Scottie Pippen moved out of his 13,000-square-foot home in Highland Park, Ill., which features a full basketball court and gym, he squandered an outstanding opportunity to recoup some of his losses. The buyers purchased the furnished home for $1.7 million in 1996. Not only did Pippen leave behind his... Continue Reading »

Best Places to Live for Unrepentant Shopaholics

Where are the best places to live to shop till you drop and then wake up the next day to do it again? My task is to find luxurious homes in close proximity to fabulous shopping so a shopaholic like me can have a place to crash while my plastic cools down. When looking for amazing clothes, shoes, and accessories the obvious... Continue Reading »

Biggest Loser: Celebrity Home Edition

The "Great Recession" has been anything but great for most peoples' bottom line. According to the National Bankruptcy Research Center, over 1.5 million people have declared bankruptcy in 2010, while RealtyTrac reports that 1.05 million homes went into foreclosure the same year. Both of these rates are record high numbers,... Continue Reading »

Curb Appeal: The Seller's Edge in Today's Market

Curb appeal is an important factor in today's housing market and can mean the difference between selling your home or having it linger on the market. While early signs point to the real estate market beginning to improve, there is still a huge inventory of homes on the market for potential buyers to choose from. ... Continue Reading »

Help Your Neighbors Improve Their House to Sell Yours

Lori Davis was concerned when a promotion meant she had to relocate to another state. While her Charlotte, N.C., home was in pristine condition, she was afraid that, without her help, her neighbors' distressed property was going to affect her ability to sell. Her neighbors seemed nice enough. But they did not do regular... Continue Reading »

Adding Home Insulation to Your Rental

Did you fall in love with the character of a charming, old apartment without thinking about how hard it will be to keep warm in the colder months? Older buildings are adored for their unique architectural features, but they often lack the insulation and tightly sealed windows and doors of newer buildings. It is said that... Continue Reading »

Storage Solutions in a Small Apartment

After years of dreaming about moving to the big city, Allyson Taylor finally made her dream a reality. However, her move into a small studio apartment quickly turned into a nightmare. While she never considered her former suburban apartment particularly special, it was downright spacious compared to her new living... Continue Reading »

Tenants' Rights When Landlord Breaks Rental Agreement

Most people would agree that having a big shade tree on their property is a good thing. One renter in Charlotte, N.C. was under that impression -- until it started growing through a wall of his apartment. His first course of action was notifying his landlord of the problem. He called the landlord, e-mailed him and sent a... Continue Reading »

Roommate Agreements, and Breaking Up When Things Go Badly

Susan had no idea what she was in for when her roommate Lisa moved in. During the waking hours Lisa was very shy and quiet, and seemed like she'd make an OK roommate. However, when the lights went out Lisa suffered from vivid nightmares and would bang her head against the headboard throughout the night. Susan was afraid to... Continue Reading »

Hometown Hero Dave Yochum Gives Bigs and Littles a Day at the Lake

There may be a growing chasm between the "haves" and the "have-nots," but in a suburb of Charlotte, N.C. there's a dedicated man who's been working hard over the last six years to bridge that gap. Summer in the city is not always a fun time for those who are struggling to pay the rent and put food on the table. Many of... Continue Reading »

'General Hospital' Star-Turned-Realtor Offers Homebuyers Advice

Fans of General Hospital will probably recognize the man in this photo as Alan Quartermaine, the always charming but sometimes scheming doctor and member of one the wealthiest families in the fictional city of Port Charles. What he now hopes for you to recognize him as is a successful Realtor of multimillion dollar... Continue Reading »

Rental Brokers: How They Can Work for You

With home sales declining to record lows, many homeowners who can't sell their homes are turning to rental brokers to ease their financial burden. Instead of paying the mortgage on an empty house, they opt to rent it to help cover the mortgage until the market turns around. However, things don't always work out as planned.... Continue Reading »

Luxury Homebuilder in Charlotte Succumbs to Housing Slump

Chalk it up to the protracted housing slump: The leading home builder in the southeast won't be erecting any more houses. Charlotte, N.C.-based Simonini Builders has announced it will be closing operations by the end of the year. One of the best-known luxury home builders in the nation, Simonini was awarded Builder... Continue Reading »

'Sexy' Homes Spice Up North Carolina Market

A Charlotte, N.C. real estate firm says business is booming, thanks to their sexy new marketing plan that involves hiring models to pose in listings photos of luxury homes. During the boom years of 2006 and 2007, Peters and Associates Real Estate was the No.1 seller of high-end homes in the Charlotte region. Then the... Continue Reading »

Condo and Homeowners Insurance: Key Differences

Patty Robinson got a great deal on her townhouse in Charlotte, N.C. It needed some updating, but she didn't mind investing in new carpeting, paint and window treatments, because that would make it feel truly like her own. She planned ahead and was careful to take a detailed inventory of her belongings so that she would have... Continue Reading »

Flooring for Your Home: What Are Your Options?

Whether you are building a new home or are renovating and planning to replace your home's current flooring, prepare to be amazed at the array of selections that are available today. Whether you choose laminate flooring, hardwood, tiles or carpets, you can't go wrong -- it's all in the mood you want to create for your room.... Continue Reading »

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