State-by-State Look at America's Priciest Homes

By Anmargaret Warner U.S. housing markets are hot again after a slump. But mega-mansion prices have been on an upward trajectory for awhile."Over the course of the last few years, we have seen a definite shift higher in pricing at the very top of the market," said Rick Goodman, publisher of Ultimate Homes. ... Continue Reading »

Lose a Home Over a $6 Tax Bill? Why It Could Happen to You

Not all is lost for a Pennsylvania woman who lost her $280,000 home over an unpaid $6 interest charge. A Beaver County appeals court has vacated a ruling in a case against homeowner Eileen Battisti, saying the trial court acted too hastily when it denied Battisti a proper hearing to prevent her home (pictured above)... Continue Reading »

Safe Zones: 20 Most Crime-Free Cities in America

By Amelia Acosta and Anmargaret Warner Violent crime rose in the U.S. last year for the first time since 2006, according to FBI statistics. However, the recent 1.2 percent increase belies a long-term trend: America is becoming a much safer country. To find out which parts of America are the safest, we looked at the... Continue Reading »

15 Cities Where House Flipping Has Become Lucrative Again

By Steven Perlberg Real estate investors are getting back in the flipping game, netting an average gross profit of nearly $20,000 on single family home flips in the first half of 2013. Home flips are up 19 percent from a year ago and 74 percent from the first half of 2011, according to a new report from RealtyTrac. ... Continue Reading »

10 Fastest-Growing Suburbs in America

By Anmargaret Warner While there's been a trend of more and more people moving to cities, the suburbs still remain incredibly popular. But some suburbs are more popular than others. Real estate company Coldwell Banker recently released their list of the Top Booming Suburbs In America as part of their "Best Places to... Continue Reading »

9 Things That Will Trash Your Home's Value

By Mamta Badkar With the real estate market as shaky as it is, homeowners can't afford to deal with more problems. And yet there's always something that pops up –– whether its noisy neighbors or an unfortunately placed sinkhole. We've rounded up some of the biggest threats to the value of a home. ... Continue Reading »

4 Signs the Housing Recovery Is Stalling

By Mamta Badkar and Matthew Boesler Economists have been cranking up their home price expectations. Some expect home prices to rise 8 percent in 2013. Housing pundit Ivy Zelman has said we're in "nirvana" for housing. But recently we've seen some signs that the recovery is slowing down. First, building permits... Continue Reading »

14 Cities With the Most Foreclosures Right Now

By Mamta Badkar One in every 859 U.S. homes is receiving a foreclosure filing, according to RealtyTrac's latest foreclosure report. Foreclosure filings were reported on 152,500 U.S. properties. This was down 1 percent month-over-month. Certain housing markets have recovered well and economists are getting... Continue Reading »

12 States With the Most Underwater Mortgages

By Mamta Badkar Despite the housing recovery, 21.5 percent, or 10.4 million, of all residential properties continued to be underwater at the end of Q4 2012, according to the latest data by CoreLogic. The value of negative equity -- when homeowners owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth -- fell to $628... Continue Reading »

Are These the Coolest Buildings in the World? Architecture Fans Think So

By Max Rosenberg Online architecture database Architizer has just announced the winners of its first annual "A+" awards, meant to "break architecture out of the echo chamber" and into the public eye. There were 52 categories in total, ranging from Best Memorial to Best High-Rise Office Building. Buildings could... Continue Reading »

As Papal Conclave Vote Comes, Go Inside the Vatican Tourists Don't See

By Michael Kelley This week the Vatican's papal conclave began the process of choosing the next spiritual leader of 1.18 billion Catholics worldwide. White smoke poured from the Sistine Chapel chimney on Wednesday, indicating a new pope was elected. The conclave voted amid Michelangelo's imposing frescoes imagining... Continue Reading »

14 Worst Housing Markets for the Next 5 Years

By Mamta Badkar Many analysts agree that home prices have bottomed out. According to the latest data from Fiserv Case-Shiller, National home prices are expected to rise 3.3 percent in the next five years. Of course, there will be many cities that see home prices lag behind the rest of the country. We drew on the... Continue Reading »

China's Empty Cities: These Satellite Images Will Shock You

By Gus Lubin and Mamta Badkar China's notorious ghost cities are a disaster waiting to happen, according to a new report from CBS News' "60 Minutes." Take it from the CEO of Vanke, the country's largest residential real estate developer, who tells the news program that developers are deep in debt, projects are being... Continue Reading »

15 Best Housing Markets for the Next 5 Years

By Mamta Badkar National home prices are expected to climb 0.6 percent in the next year, according to the latest home price report by Fiserv Case-Shiller. But over the next five years, home prices are expected to rise 3.3 percent. We drew on Fiserv Case-Shiller's latest data to identify the best housing markets for... Continue Reading »

Hamptons Summer Rentals Are Already Flying Off the Market

By Max Rosenberg The Hamptons have always been a hot summer rental market. But this year, the biggest checks are being written earlier than ever, New York's Daily News reports. One developer, who rented a home to Jay-Z and Beyonce (pictured above) last August for $400,000, has already turned down a $400,000 offer for... Continue Reading »

10 Most Expensive Cities in the World

Tokyo is back on top as the most expensive city in the world, according to new data from the Economist Intelligence Unit. In the company's new worldwide cost of living survey, the Japanese city has outpaced last year's winner, Zurich, for the undesirable ranking as the world's priciest city. This is nothing new for... Continue Reading »

15 Greatest Cities in History

By Robert Johnson and Gus Lubin What New York City was in the 1900s, London was in the 1800s, Constantinople was in the 600s, and so forth, back to Jericho in 7000 BC. They were the largest cities in the world, and arguably the epicenters of human civilization. These cities led mankind to new heights of culture and... Continue Reading »

Hottest Neighborhoods 2013: Places Expected to Lead the Pack This Year

By Mandi Woodruff It seems that the housing market is slowly but surely rebounding in America. Existing home sales and asking prices have crept up, and analysts report decreasing delinquencies and foreclosure filings. As a result, some of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the U.S. are beginning to see high... Continue Reading »

Mortgage Loans: New CFPB Rule Lets Lenders Make the Call on Who Can Afford Them

By Mandi Woodruff When it comes to placing blame on mortgage lenders, regulators or consumers for 2008's crippling housing crisis, it's fair to say each played a role. Yes, banks issued millions of mortgage loans that homebuyers couldn't afford, targeted minorities for subprime loans, and made the entire lending... Continue Reading »

Tricycle House in China Gives New Meaning to Mobile Home

China has taken the concept of the mobile home to a whole new level. Beijing's People's Architecture Office and People's Industrial Design Office have designed and built a mobile home so small that it can be folded up, accordion-style, and carted around on the back of a tricycle. The fact that housing has become... Continue Reading »

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