Crowdfunding Becomes a Hot Property in Real Estate Investing

Sam Kittner, CNBCThe Fundrise crowdfunding platform plans to raise $350,000 to invest in the red brick building above. By Stephanie Dhue The vacant, two-story brick building at 1539 Seventh St. in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, D.C., is not exactly what you would expect to attract enthusiastic crowdfunding. After... Continue Reading »

10 Most Expensive Real Estate Markets

Fernando Stankuns/Flickr By Robert Frank To most people, New York City has become an otherworldly real estate market. It's the town where a skyrise condo just sold for more than $50 million -- and it was only that cheap because it was raw space. But to the global rich, New York is a bargain. A new report shows that... Continue Reading »

Mortgage Applications Tumble to Lowest Level in 2 Decades

Alamy By Diana Olick Mortgage applications to buy a home fell last week to the lowest level in nearly two decades, according to a weekly survey from the Mortgage Bankers Association. The report is a clear sign of weakness in buyer demand heading into the usually busy spring housing season. "Purchase applications... Continue Reading »

Moving for Marijuana? What to Know Before You Pull Up Roots

Shutterstock By Kelli B. Grant Making two interstate moves in a matter of months, with two young children in tow, wasn't something Moriah Barnhart had planned for. But within weeks of her 2-year-old daughter, Dahlia, being diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, Barnhart packed the family's bags. They moved from Tampa,... Continue Reading »

Why It Might Be Time to Consider a Dome as Your Home

Natural Space Domes via CNBC By Linda Federico-O'Murchu, Special to CNBC Over the past decade, the world has watched in horror as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, mudslides, tsunamis and most recently, one of the largest typhoons on record, caused death and destruction in epic numbers. With... Continue Reading »

Tight Credit Leaving More Homebuyers on Sidelines, Survey Says

Shutterstock By Diana Olick Investors may be reaping the rewards of the housing recovery, but regular buyers, especially single and first-time buyers, are still on the outside looking in. Tight credit has kept some financially qualified buyers from getting the loans they need, according to a new survey from the... Continue Reading »

Homeowners Insurance: Claims on Small Losses Can Carry Big Costs

Shutterstock By Herb Weisbaum You buy homeowners insurance hoping you'll never need to use it. Then something happens. It's not a big loss -- maybe the neighbor's kid throws a ball through a window or a falling branch damages the rain gutter. You think of filing a claim. After all, that's why you've paid the premiums... Continue Reading »

Why JPMorgan Settlement Could Make It Tougher to Get a Mortgage

The Associated Press By Diana Olick The Justice Department's potential $13 billion settlement with JPMorgan may go a long way toward appeasing consumers' anger at big banks for the financial crisis, but it probably won't help those same consumers get a mortgage. In fact, it may make it harder. "In my eyes, this... Continue Reading »

Tommy Hilfiger Lists Plaza Hotel Penthouse at Near-Record Price

Ben Hider/WireImage via Getty Images By Robert Frank It's the ultimate Tommy Hilfiger accessory: Tommy's own penthouse atop New York's Plaza Hotel. Tommy Hilfiger, the 62-year-old fashion tycoon, is listing his duplex at the Plaza Hotel for $80 million, making it one of the most exclusive condo listings in Manhattan.... Continue Reading »

Solar Decathlon's Latest Designs for Affordable, Efficient Homes

Department of Energy/Flickr By Diana Olick Nineteen collegiate teams are in a tough competition to see who can design, build and operate the most energy efficient and affordable home of the future. From solar technology, to sustainable building materials, to futuristic heating and cooling systems, these teams are... Continue Reading »

Latest Mortgage Fraud Trend: Collusion on the Inside

CNBC By Celia Watson Seupel, Special to CNBC When real estate agent John Lebron opened EZ Investments in Tampa, Fla., he may have already been planning fraud. His very first EZ Investments transaction involved selling a distressed property to his sister, then to his brother-in-law, the kind of "non-arms-length"... Continue Reading »

What Are Extremely Rich Landowners Buying? Even More of It

Bates Sanders Swan Land Company By Robert Frank As the wealthy get wealthier, they're putting more of it into land. America's 100 largest individual landowners added 700,000 acres to their landholdings last year, according to the Land Report 100, put out by the Land Report and Fay Ranches. Those 100 individuals or... Continue Reading »

Surging Demand for Apartments

Getty Images By Diana Olick Despite recovery in the single-family housing market, demand for apartments continues to surge. Just 4 percent of U.S. apartments nationwide were vacant in the second quarter of this year, according to a new report from Reis. That pushed rents up 3 percent from a year ago. "The simple... Continue Reading »

How Government Shutdown Could Derail the Housing Recovery

Getty Images By Diana Olick At the Federal Housing Administration, which represents about 15 percent of the mortgage market, the lights will still be on, but the staff will be reduced. "The Office of Single Family Housing will endorse new loans under current multi-year appropriation authority in order to support... Continue Reading »

What Today's Mansion-Buying Millionaires Want Most in a Home

Shutterstock By Robert Frank Wine cellars and tennis courts are becoming passe for today's mansion buyers. What they really want are open floor plans, smart technologies and really nice pools. A survey from Coldwell Banker Previews International and the Luxury Institute asked homebuyers who make more than $250,000 a... Continue Reading »

Housing Recovery's Next Hot Spots

By Cindy Perman The housing recovery is starting to heat up -- so much so in some areas, the "b" word -- bubble -- is starting to pop up. "Nationwide, the housing market is not in a bubble. But there are probably some markets that are at risk for getting into bubble territory if they continue at the pace that they're... Continue Reading »

Tech Rebound Lifts Silicon Valley Home Prices to New Heights

By Cadie Thompson Home prices in Silicon Valley continue to skyrocket, with little sign of returning to earth anytime soon, according to real estate experts. For the past four months, the average price of a single-family home in Santa Clara County -- the heart of Silicon Valley -- has been more than $1 million,... Continue Reading »

Scam Alert: Beware of 'Change My Address' Sites

Alamy By Herb Weisbaum It's one of the million little things you need to do when you move -- contact the postal service to change your mailing address. Here's where the problem can occur: Many people do a random search for "address change" and wind up on one of a number of sites run by private businesses. These... Continue Reading »

$100 Million House Listings Are Back: Are They Worth the Price?

By Robert Frank Forget million-dollar listings. The next smash hit real estate TV show could well be "$100 Million Listing." Brokers and real estate analysts say there are now more than a dozen homes in the U.S. listed or quietly on the market for $100 million or more. That's believed to top the number of $100... Continue Reading »

Signs of a Housing-Market Falloff as Mortgage Rates Rise

By Diana Olick The housing recovery is in for a major pause due to higher mortgage rates. It is not in the numbers now, and it won't be for a few months, but it is coming, according to one noted analyst. The market has seen rising rates before, but never so far so fast; there is no precedent for a 45 percent spike in... Continue Reading »

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