Jenny Craig Goes On A Real Estate Diet

Jenny Craig, queen of diet plans and weight management systems, seems to have put herself on a real estate diet, listing her Rancho Sante Fe, Calif., ranch house for $8.9 million. The new listing comes shortly after Craig, 78, put her next-door thoroughbred race horse training farm on the market for $29.9 million. As... Continue Reading »

The Fake 'Exclusive' on Steve Jobs' House

Billionaire mansions come and go, but those of America's technology kings have a unique hold on the imagination -- so much so that hungry tech blogs can easily speculate on the real estate follies of the tech gods, regardless of the reality. Take, for example, Gizmodo's "Exclusive: The Plans for Steve Jobs' New House."... Continue Reading »

Fannie Mae Wants You to

Cary Jacobs (not his real name) was out of work a year when his bank's collections agency started calling to tell him that the home his family had lived in for six years was about to be foreclosed on unless he could come up with another payment. Cary never told his wife about the calls. "I've worked my whole life and paid... Continue Reading »

Mortgage Products Beyond the Empty Nest

Key Video Takeaways Just one look at Dan and Barbara Nostros' Ridgewood, N.J. home tells you that the last thing this couple ever thought they'd do is downsize to a smaller house. Nearly 3,500 square feet with four bedrooms, the Nostros' home has the feeling of a warm cocoon that's slowly expanded over the... Continue Reading »

Real Estate Obsession: Meghan Daum's House Fever

The classic truism of real estate is that buying a house is the biggest investment you'll ever make. But as Meghan Daum's pitch-perfect memoir of real estate obsession, "Life Would Be Perfect If I Lived in That House," makes clear, the financial investments of owning a house probably pale next to the emotional investments,... Continue Reading »

Li'l Wayne's Smokin SoBe Rental

Give it up for Li'l Wayne. The man sure seems to know a good real estate deal when he sees one. But pity the poor real estate agents so desperate for benjamins they have to leak word they're showing Li'l Wayne's li'l rap star rental. According to the New York Post, Wayne is renting a 3 bed, 2 bath South Beach condo up... Continue Reading »

Girls Next Door get new arrangement

If anyone knows the pains and passions of renting, it's the Girls Next Door, Hugh Hefner's party-hearty girlfriends and roommates in the Playboy Mansion and the stars of the E! channel reality show Girls Next Door airing Sundays at at 10:30pm ET. The first Girls Next Door -- Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra... Continue Reading »

K-Fed's Secondhand smoke problem

Our favorite fameball celeb-by-marriage, Kevin Federline, has been sent a threatening letter demanding $110,661 in unpaid rent and damages for a home he recently rented in Tarzana, California. According to a TMZ exclusive, K-Fed's filthy homewrecking includes the following offenses: Gutters full of cigarette butts and... Continue Reading »

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