Wall Murals in Homes: Take 'Em or Leave 'Em?

Ever since caveman days, humans have longed to decorate bare walls with their own paintings. However, wall decor commemorating an exceptional antelope hunt no longer pleases modern interior designers, but is it a better alternative to stark, white walls? Murals and frescoes appear less frequently today than they did in... Continue Reading »

With Housing Recovering, Perfect Time for a Kitchen Remodel?

By Ryan Nickum The past few months have shown plenty of signs the housing market is recovering, but it's interesting to note the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University says spending on home remodeling projects will accelerate as well. "Strong growth in sales of existing homes and housing... Continue Reading »

How Obama, Romney Really Compare on Housing

By Estately.com With the presidential candidates squaring off to discuss a variety of issues, including housing, we here at Estately thought we'd compare the housing of the two men who long to make the White House home for the next four years. Comparing President Obama's Chicago home with the five homes that Gov.... Continue Reading »

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