Turn Your Rental into a Staycation Paradise

Not everyone can hop the next flight to Tahiti, no matter how long it takes spring arrive. But even if your home is a rental, there are ways to turn a boring weekend into the staycation of your dreams! "We are homebodies," says Kay Rubia in Los Angeles, "but it helps sometimes to move things around in our apartment and... Continue Reading »

Renters: Go Green This Earth Month

This Earth Month (April), it might be a good idea to think about a few things you can do to green your rented home. It's true, home owners might have more control in this department - They are the only ones responsible for what appliances they use, the types of water-heaters they buy and everything else from pipes to... Continue Reading »

Breaking a Lease in the Best Way Possible

Tamara Novak has the kind of job that often gives her very little warning before she has to relocate -- and breaking a lease pretty much comes with the territory. "This does not bode well for good tenant-landlord relationships," she says. "I've had to break a lot of leases over the years, but finding month-to-month deals is... Continue Reading »

Can Renters Get Insurance Protection Against Natural Disasters?

How do renters protect themselves from natural disasters? Joyce Jones was living in New Orleans in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit. She evacuated before the levees broke, but her rental apartment was all but in shambles when she returned to it three weeks later. "I didn't have any coverage so I just lost everything," she... Continue Reading »

Can Renters Buy Their Own Appliances?

Renters, have you ever lived in a rental with the kind of refrigerator that could only fit a pint of milk and an apple? Ever dreamed of a top-load washing machine that didn't shred your favorite T-shirts? Ever wish you had a dryer that actually dried your towels in the first cycle rather than the fourth? Sometimes being... Continue Reading »

Renting From a Relative (The Right Way)

When Rachel Lewis moved in with her mother-in-law in Oakland, Calif., you can bet it wasn't her idea. "It was my mother-in-law's [idea]," she says. "I did not like it. But the apartment next to ours had been condemned because of mold," she explains, "and our daughter kept getting sick, so we left." Living with family can... Continue Reading »

Rent Stabilized Apartments: A Dying Breed?

Perhaps you've visited a friend's apartment and looked around thinking, "I had no idea Insert-Friend's-Name was a bazillionaire!" But there, in a to-die-for two bedroom in the best neighborhood in one of the most expensive cities in America, how could you think anything less? That is, until they utter the words, "It's rent... Continue Reading »

Tenant Rights: What Happens When You Violate Landlord Rules

It can happen to anyone: You miss the fine print in your lease that reminds you that your rental does not allow you to buff your own floors, keep live chickens or sublet to strangers on Craigslist. But what you can't always anticipate is what happens if you commit one or all of those crimes and get caught in the act. ... Continue Reading »

Vacation Rentals: The World's Most Luxurious Hot Spots

Vacation rentals aren't what they used to be -- they're better and bigger and more luxurious than ever. Early March is that time of the year when "just one more snowfall" is just-one-more-snowfall too many. The answer to the question, How do I survive the last gasps of winter? Take a vacation. For most of us, a pretty... Continue Reading »

Renters: How to Make Your Landlord Love You

"My landlord in the first place I ever rented was amazing," says Anya Novak, a nonprofit manager in Los Angeles. "So I was really taken aback when I got a landlord who never answered my calls, much less dealt with my problems." Not all landlords and building managers are the kind that call and ask how everything is... Continue Reading »

Apartment Rentals: Better to Live Upstairs or Downstairs?

Obviously the first thing most renters will do when looking for apartment rentals is seek out a suitable neighborhood. Location plainly matters when it comes to nesting. But how much weight should a renter put not only on where they live a city, but where they live in a building? "I moved into a spectacular walkup," says... Continue Reading »

The Best Rentals: How to Find the Perfect Apartment

When Jenny Mickleson of Austin, Tex., went looking for her apartment she had a hard time figuring out which were the best rentals. "It wasn't that I couldn't find a good place, but I just kept thinking the next one might be better," she says. "I had the hardest time saying yes!" Some people are lucky enough to have... Continue Reading »

The Advantages of Furnished Rentals

Loni Maynard moved to a small Ohio town after college. "I got a job on a local paper," she explains. "I found myself looking mostly at furnished rentals, since generally they were attached to the homes of the landlords in one way or another." Renting a furnished home might seem like a very old world prospect, however, it... Continue Reading »

Celebrity Rentals: Why Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Rent

One year ago, it was reported that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were interested in a $200,000/month rental in the Trump Park Avenue at Park Avenue and 59th Street in Manhattan, only the latest in a string of prominent celebrity rentals. Cruise's Mission Impossible 4 was about to begin shooting and would, in part, be filmed... Continue Reading »

Last-Minute Apartment Rental Tips

One day, Tanya Alison got an urgent phone call from a friend in need of an apartment rental. "She was moving here with a husband, a dog and two cats in less than two weeks," Alison explains from her Brooklyn apartment. "She was flying in for twenty-four hours and intended to use the ones in which she wasn't asleep apartment... Continue Reading »

Renting Abroad: Easier Than Here?

There are endless reasons for renting abroad. Since the advent of the airplane and the internet, the world has grown considerably smaller. People move overseas for reasons as disparate as falling in love with a foreigner to falling in love with a new culture. Some people get a job abroad, while others just want to take a... Continue Reading »

Renters: Raise Your Credit Score Now

It's probably safe to say that it isn't having a new apartment that's hard, it's getting it. First, there's the legwork, then there's the scraping together a security deposit and first and last months' rent. But for some people, it's that pesky credit score that stands between them and the garden apartment with tons of... Continue Reading »

Should You Buy a Home With a Partner?

When cohabitating, should you buy a home with your partner when you move in together, or keep it noncommittal with a rental? The answer varies from couple to couple. Cohabitation casualty Rina Welsch, a musician in Columbus, Ohio, spent four years unraveling the tangled mess of having bought a home with her... Continue Reading »

Roommates: The 'Laverne and Shirley' Way

Maybe Laverne and Shirley had it right. The fictional roommates from the hit 1970s sitcom played by Penny Marshall, right, and Cindy Williams had fights, but they also had plenty of fun. Last week, CNNMoney.com featured a personal essay by Brooklyn writer, florist and stylist, Amy Merrick. In the article Merrick claimed... Continue Reading »

Renters: Use Neighbors to Save Money

Marla Mathless had been a renter in her downtown Manhattan building for seven years before she formally met her neighbor. "He came over and asked if I'd split my cable costs with him," she says. "He said he couldn't afford it anymore and wanted to just drill a small hole in the wall to run the cable into both apartments. Of... Continue Reading »

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