Partying Youths Loot, Vandalize 'Private Paradise' Mansion

KTLA The groups of youths entering vacant homes and turning them into destructive party scenes might be choosing bigger targets, but they don't seem to be getting any smarter about it. In the latest such case to make a splash in the news, 16 teenagers were arrested after allegedly breaking into a multimillion-dollar... Continue Reading »

New Laws Set to Hit Home in 2014

Shutterstock Along with the new year comes another slate of new federal, state and municipal laws, several of which are aimed at improving -- or at least regulating -- what goes on in and around our homes, ranging from switching on a light to lighting up a joint. While the biggest changes are arguably from rules designed... Continue Reading »

What Homebuyers Can Be Thankful for in 2013

Shutterstock Homebuyers have had it tough lately, suddenly finding themselves in a sellers market as summer came along. And mortgages suddenly cost more too -- when you could even get one. But of course Thanksgiving isn't about looking at negatives. So, if you can, look past that elephant-in-the-room that is the credit... Continue Reading »

Ailing Couple Face Eviction Because Caregiving Son Is Under 55 (Video)

Shouldn't the rules of an age-restricted community sometimes bend a little, out of compassion? That's what a couple in central Florida is arguing as they're threatened with eviction after becoming reliant on their son for assistance because of medical problems. Barbara and Andrew Gorski, both in their 60s, live in... Continue Reading »

Landlord Faces Life in Prison for Serial Arsons

WZZM-TV A landlord in western Michigan could spend the rest of his life in prison after being sentenced this week as a serial arsonist-for-profit. Gerald Singer, 74, was convicted of arson and fraud relating to a series of fires -- from the mid-1990s until 2007 -- at homes and other buildings that he owned. Singer was... Continue Reading »

Woman Allegedly Fooled 6 Families Into Renting a Home She Didn't Own

WDAF-TV It might be the boldest variation yet on what's becoming a classic Craigslist scam. A woman in western Missouri is accused of bilking at least six families out of thousands in rent and deposits on a house that she pretended to own, promising each that they'd be the sole occupants when she moved out this fall.... Continue Reading »

Housing Market's Slow Season: Best Time to Shop for a Home?

The Associated Press Is the housing market still seasonal? The market has been so up and down recently that the answer can depend on whom you ask, and the market that you're talking about. But, historically, residential real estate sees a lull in the winter holiday season and beginning of the new year -- when everyone... Continue Reading »

Room-Size Monopoly Game Board Found Under Carpet, Reddit-User Says

It's one of the thrills of remodeling -- the suspense of not knowing what you're going to find under that carpet or behind that drywall. In the case of a remodeler who recently posted on Reddit, the mystery under the carpet was a gleaming hardwood floor. But that "aha moment" might have turned to "what the ..." when... Continue Reading »

Sandy 2013: Storm of Protest Grows Against New Flood Insurance Rates

Steven Senne/Associated Press The wave of flood-insurance sticker shock that's sweeping across the U.S. didn't originate with Hurricane Sandy. But a year after the one of the most devastating storms in U.S. history, homeowners in Sandy-ravaged regions of the East Coast have been among the first to feel its impact -- and... Continue Reading »

Hilltop Estate Is Like Living in a Video Game -- With Good Reason

With a style that's part castle, part playground, part observatory and all fantasy, it's no surprise to learn that this Austin, Texas, home is the creation of a noted video game developer, Richard Garriott. Originally constructed as a more-or-less conventional home in 1987, Garriott added secret rooms -- starting with a... Continue Reading »

San Francisco Program Offers $100,000 Home Loans to 1st Responders

San Francisco wants to make it easier for first responders to actually live in the city they're sworn to protect. In a new program that debuted this week, active members of the police, fire and sheriff's departments can apply for up to $100,000 toward a down payment on a home in San Francisco, where real estate prices are... Continue Reading »

Oops! City Demolishes Wrong Vacant House

A Texas couple's plans to relocate to a lake house in Fort Worth hit a snag when the city demolished the vacant home by mistake. The three-bedroom ranch house near the Lake Worth reservoir was razed by a city-hired crew last week, reports KDFW in Fort Worth, instead of another vacant property on the same street, and... Continue Reading »

Billboard House Advertises a Way Out of the Housing Crisis

Scott Hostetler didn't bother to tell his family that he'd applied online to have their house in Buena Park, Calif., turned into an advertising billboard for the price of their monthly mortgage payment. He figured that it was like taking a chance on the lottery -- and who ever expects to win the lottery? Then, about... Continue Reading »

Messy Yard Brings Jail Time for SC Woman, Then Help

A financially struggling South Carolina woman served six days in jail for having a cluttered yard, then returned to her home Thursday to find several volunteers working to help bring her property up to code and some offering to help save her house from foreclosure. Linda Ruggles, 53, of Mount Pleasant, was released from... Continue Reading »

2011 in Real Estate: The Top 11 News Stories

It seemed like a race to the bottom this year: Along with continued declines in property values, every season seemed to see another record low in interest rates -- though fewer-than-expected buyers were inclined to take advantage. Also on the way down or stuck in the cellar: the number of Americans who expected to... Continue Reading »

Enter to Win a Job Search Makeover

Job searching is a job in itself, so let us help. Tell us your story for a chance to win professional resume help and a new laptop. Prizes will be decided by popular vote and AOL Jobs editors, so be sure your story is honest and true to you. Story submissions must be in by Oct. 2, 2011. Voting will take place Oct.... Continue Reading »

Halloween Pet Parade Puts on the Dog for Charity

The story of what's likely the world's largest pet-centric Halloween parade -- and an unlikely charity event -- starts with a lonely dog and his sociable owner. About a decade ago, Justin Rudd of Long Beach, Calif. thought his English bulldog, Rosie, could use canine companionship. So he started an informal, weekly... Continue Reading »

Home Insulation: More Federal Funds, More Controversy

As Vice President Biden was touting the accomplishments of the Recovery Act last week in making 200,000 low income homes energy efficient, Republicans were pointing out that the number is far short of the 2 million homes that Biden said would benefit. The job-stimulus part of the Department of Energy program also has... Continue Reading »

Solar Energy Plan Lights Up Southern California City

A Southern California city is offering homeowners what its mayor calls "a landmark opportunity" to get affordable solar energy. Is this a tipping point for the implementation of solar power? This week the Lancaster City Council unanimously passed a plan to partner with a solar energy company in offering residents a... Continue Reading »

Moving In: Moving Day Disasters and How to Avoid Them

Thousands of homebuyers across the U.S. are moving in to new homes this summer, thanks to the homebuyer tax credit. After the gantlet of contracts, credit checks, offers, counteroffers, inspections and title searches, the journey should be exciting and fun. For your life's possessions, though, it's not about the journey... Continue Reading »

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