A Real Horror House for Sale

Around this time of year, horror houses are a dime a dozen. Unless it's a real horror house, in which case the price is $589,000. That's how much agent John Weinrich is asking for the Pennsylvania home that his parents fell in love with and bought nearly 25 years ago. In an interview he gave to ABC News, Weinrich... Continue Reading »

Superstition Keeps Richest Man Out of Billion-Dollar House

A year ago, we brought you the story of Mukesh Ambani, India's richest man, who built a Mumbai skyscraper for $1 billion and planned to use it as a private residence -- all 27 stories of it. Well, looks like we jumped the gun a little. A report in the U.K.'s Daily Mail says that the building stands empty today because of... Continue Reading »

Mansion or Meth House? 'Flip Men' Want to Know

Remember "Flipping Out," the Bravo series that brought us high-strung house flipper Jeff Lewis and his high-end portfolio of properties? Well, you can wipe that image from your mind. The new reality of the housing market brings us a new breed of wheeler-dealers: the Flip Men. And what kinds of properties do these guys... Continue Reading »

Woman Faces Foreclosure on House She Bought for $1

We all know the housing crisis narrative: Back in the go-go days of the boom, someone bought a house they couldn't really afford, financed it with a "creative" mortgage and proceeded to use the place like a piggy bank, on the theory that home values would remain forever up in the stratosphere. Then the housing market... Continue Reading »

Artist Makes Luxury Home in a Dumpster

The first time we saw this, via Curbed, we weren't sure it was for real. Maybe this Berkeley dude was having us on, we thought, or making an elaborate point about the current state of the housing market. But artist Gregory Kloehn sounds pretty serious when he explains why he built a luxury residence in a dumpster. "I... Continue Reading »

Katharine Hepburn's Connecticut 'Paradise' for Sale

Katharine Hepburn was nothing if not passionate, and one of her fiercest attachments was to Fenwick, her estate on the water in Old Saybrook, Conn. From 1939, when the Hepburn family built it, to 2003, when the actress died there at age 96, it was her favorite place of refuge. And now, according to Realtor.com, it's... Continue Reading »

Tour the 258-sq.-ft. Transformer Apartment

We've been writing a lot about super-small spaces lately. First there was Felice Cohen, who bunks in a 90-square-foot apartment. Then we discovered Luke, a dude who lives large in only 78 square feet. Well, our new favorite in the can-you-top-this small-space sweepstakes is Christian Schallert. At 258 square feet, his... Continue Reading »

Where Leno and the Late Night Stars Call Home

When the stars of late night--Jay Leno, Dave Letterman, Conan O'Brien and the rest of the boys--finally pack it in and head home, they bed down in some pretty palatial places. Leno's 100-car garage has its own website; his rivals' pads (like Letterman's, at left) may be more publicity-shy but they're no less impressive. Rob... Continue Reading »

Christina Aguilera's Mansion Hits the Market for $13.5M

Christina Aguilera's latest real-estate saga is a good news-bad news story. On the upside, she no longer has to worry about not being able to unload her Midcentury Modern aerie in the Hollywood Hills, because she just moved back into it. The place has been on and off on the market since 2008, when she and then-hubby Jordan... Continue Reading »

Ready, Set, Sell: Home Staging Tips for Spring

There may still be snow on the ground in your neck of the woods, but if you're trying to sell a home this spring, it's not too early to start getting the house ready. One of the surest ways to speed a home sale is through artful home staging. Home staging is more important than ever these days, when houses are not... Continue Reading »

Valentine's Day Inside the Most Romantic Home in America

Wanna get lucky this Valentine's Day? You could buy your beloved flowers, chocolate, jewelry -- or seal the deal with the Most Romantic Home in America. As it does every year, Top Ten Real Estate Deals surveyed agents nationwide to find the country's sexiest houses for sale. The 2011 winner: a "romantic oasis of rustic... Continue Reading »

World's Most Expensive Real Estate: $9,500 a Square Foot

The just-completed One Hyde Park apartment complex in London is notable for more than its A-list architecture and posh park views. At as much as $225 million a unit, it sets a real-estate record: a jaw-dropping $9,500 per square foot, making it the most expensive real estate in the world. By way of comparison, the... Continue Reading »

Las Vegas Homes Bad Bet Until 2032

If you're laying odds on when the Las Vegas real estate market will recover, prepare to wait a long time to collect. According to a recent report, it will be decades before Las Vegas home prices rebound -- the year 2032 to be exact, says Celia Chen, housing market analyst for Moody's Analytics. And Las Vegas isn't even... Continue Reading »

Curb Appeal Is Still King

Curb appeal counts: If you're looking to invest some money in your house, look no further than the front door. For the second year in a row, curb appeal projects remain at the top of the list of high-value home improvements, according to just-released data from Remodeling's 2010-2011 Cost vs. Value Report. In fact, an... Continue Reading »

Bedbug Lawsuits Swarm Landlords

Bedbugs spread a lot of things -- fear, disgust and now, lawsuits. The Real Deal reports on a spate of cases being brought against landlords in New York, the city with the worst bedbug problem in the country. But the Big Apple isn't the only place that the bloodsuckers find tasty. According to statistics from the National... Continue Reading »

Home Prices: Army Housing Buoys El Paso

In celebration of Veterans Day, HousingWatch is featuring stories about veterans and their real estate experiences throughout the day. This Veterans Day we can thank the military for something else besides keeping our country safe: rescuing a depressed housing market. The expansion of the Fort Bliss Army base in El... Continue Reading »

Home Furnishings Sale at ShelterPop

With refis booming on the strength of low interest rates, perhaps you're fantasizing about what you might do with a few extra bucks in the till at the end of the month. Well, the folks at our sister site, ShelterPop, have a suggestion for you: Blow it on new bedroom decor. ShelterPop's design-savvy editors and product... Continue Reading »

Inside Home Inspections: Tag Along With a Pro

Video Transcript for Hearing Impaired Every house tells a story--if you know how to listen. Kenny Rhodes, a licensed home inspector for nearly 20 years, has a finely tuned ear for the messages a house is trying to send. That's why buyers hire him to give their potential new digs a thorough once-over... Continue Reading »

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