Maine Real Estate Bargains Abound During 'Clearance Event'

The Maine real estate market tried to jump-start sales last week, by staging a week-long "Clearance Event." Inspiration or desperation? "We got over a foot of snow today, it doesn't feel like spring around here," according to Mike LePage, President of the Maine Association of Realtors. "We hoped this would jump start the... Continue Reading »

Home Value: What the Web Can and Can't Tell You

When it comes to researching home value, there's no shortage of information. The Web brims with home value tools. And people use them. In a typical month during house-hunting season, real-estate websites -- including this one -- get more than 50 million unique visitors. So-called "automated value tools" can tell you a... Continue Reading »

Jane Seymour's L.A. Home: For Sale or Rent

Many people put their property on the market for sale or for lease in an effort to maximize their chance of having money come in. Actress Jane Seymour and her husband, actor/producer James Keach, have put their Sherman Oaks property on the market for $2,195,000 or for lease at $5,900, adding their names to those who are... Continue Reading »

Property Taxes: Highest Rates Chill Northeast

New York and New Jersey are the states with the highest-taxed counties, but upstate New York has it the worst. Counties in upstate New York put a proportionally higher tax burden on homeowners, despite lower home values there, so their tax rates are effectively higher, reports the nonpartisan tax research group The Tax... Continue Reading »

Why Facebook's Billionaire Founder Rents

What kind of a billionaire tech genius rents? Apparently the Mark Zuckerberg kind. So when recent news hit that Facebook founder and "The Social Network" subject Zuckerberg rents a month-to-month apartment in Palo Alto, Calif. many observers were puzzled. After all, Bill Gates paid over $1 million just in 2009 property... Continue Reading »

'Deb of the Decade' Cornelia Guest Slashes Estate Price

Socialite Cornelia Guest has been having real estate woes the past few years like many home sellers, even if her price point is higher than most -- in the eight figures. Having listed her Old Westbury, N.Y. home, dubbed Templeton, in 2008 for $20 million, the 11-bedroom home with 6 full bathrooms and 2.5 baths has been... Continue Reading »

Home Insurance: 6 Discounts to Ask For

"When you buy a house for $500,000," says Realtor Tony Yollin, "paying a few thousand a year for home insurance doesn't seem like that big of a deal." Indeed, compared to the price of a home at the time of purchase, home insurance might not seem expensive. But if you know what home insurance discounts to ask for, you can... Continue Reading »

Larry the Cable Guy Lists Florida Home for $1.55M

If you are looking for a guy's guy place to call home, and you want to live in the Orlando area, redneck comedian Larry the Cable Guy's 20-acre home could be the perfect place for you. Dan Whitney, better known as Larry the Cable Guy. bought the Sanford, Fla., home in 2001 and rebuilt it as a bachelor, as reported by the... Continue Reading »

Meg Ryan Rents NYC Apartment in New Glass Building for $25G

The website for 40 Mercer Residences in New York City's Soho neighborhood claims to be "Soho's Ultimate Residence," and apparently Meg Ryan agrees. The movie star is reported to have signed a lease for a three-bedroom, 3 1/2-bathroom unit for $25,000 a month. With over 2,500 square feet of living space in the apartment, the... Continue Reading »

Moving Tips for Every Season

Moving is one of life's most stressful occurrences, even on a sunny day. Add snow, sleet, rain, extreme temperatures or even poor timing and moving can become unbearable. But a little bad weather shouldn't gum up the works -- you just need to be prepared. "The show goes on, no matter rain or sun," says Paul at One Big Man... Continue Reading »

Moving Cost: Ways to Budget Your Move

Sharmaine R. has moved three times within Los Angeles in the past year and a half. In the three years before that, she moved five times -- including to and from another city. "I've learned that planning is key to keeping your moving costs where you want it to be," she says. Sharmaine has completed all types of moves and... Continue Reading »

Nicole Kidman Gets Amazing Deal on New NYC Pad

Everyone wants a deal and to get money off the listing price and Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban sure did that with their recent New York City penthouse purchase. They saved $2.5 million on their Chelsea apartment, paying $10 million for a $12.5 million listed property. And that's not the only bragging right this married... Continue Reading »

How to Rent an Apartment for Cheap

Allison G. wanted to move to a nice one-bedroom apartment in Beverly Hills for as little rent per month as possible. Though the median for a one bedroom in the area is $1,850 a month, Allison found her dream apartment--with outdoor space, hardwood floors and parking -- for under $1,400. When you're in the market to rent... Continue Reading »

Appraisals: New Rules to an Old Real Estate Game

When President Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Act in late July, he ended the controversial Home Valuation Code of Conduct or HVCC, now set to expire in 90 days. HVCC was implemented in May 2009 by the Federal Housing Financing Agency "as an attempt to improve the independence of appraisers by prohibiting lenders and third... Continue Reading »

The Hidden Costs in Home Buying

San Francisco resident Mike S. thought he had a handle on the costs associated with home buying. Down payment -- check. Mortgage -- check. HOA dues -- huh? "The dreaded homeowner association dues," as he calls them, would add hundreds of dollars to his monthly nut, an outlay he hadn't figured when he calculated his home... Continue Reading »

California Home Builders Rent Out Finished Units to Finance Completion

The housing crisis has proved problematic for many builders who are running out of financing before completing new subdivisions, but one Bakersfield, Calif., developer has taken a novel approach: renting out finished homes to finance the rest of the construction. Now business is booming at the Silverado Ranch -- the... Continue Reading »

$49.5M Hamptons Estate Does Double Duty as Marriage Magnet

Months ago, posh Hamptons habitues wondered who could have rented the gargantuan Sandscastle estate, listed to sell at $49.5 million, for a record $500,000 -- and for just two precious summer weeks. Last week, the New York Post revealed the answer: divorced, self-made millionaire and Tampa, Fla.-resident Cheryl Mercuris.... Continue Reading »

Nantucket Residents Sink as Wealthy Trim Sails

The median list price for a home in Nantucket at the beginning of July was $1.695 million, a number most year-round residents on the popular vacation island off the coast of Massachusetts can't afford. It has often been said that their are two economies in Nantucket, and the full-time residents of Nantucket are likely... Continue Reading »

Home Staging Tips for Every Season

There is a lot to know about selling a home. And we've covered the topic of home staging as an important factor in attracting buyers. But did you know there are specific home staging tips for winter, spring, summer and fall? It's true -- seasonal home staging can better your chances of attracting buyers throughout the year.... Continue Reading »

Home Staging: Hire a Pro or Do It Yourself?

Realtors will tell you that two things are essential to selling your home: pricing and home staging. The price of your home is dictated by the area in which you live and the amenities your home provides. Your real estate agent can help guide you on this essential part of selling your home. But you can have full control... Continue Reading »

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