A Virtual Butler Helps Around the House

Ever watched the Jetsons and wished you had a Rosie at your house or apartment? Yeah, me too. And apparently so did Boston resident Chad Barraford, whose Project Jarvis is pretty darn close to the robotic Girl Friday. Jarvis, however, isn't a robot. He's a sort of virtual butler, built using an old Mac Mini computer. ... Continue Reading »

Hail a Taxi With Your iPhone

Hailing a cab in New York City is somewhat of a science -- at least, that's what the people behind a new mobile app for your iPhone or Android device believe. Cabsense could be your new best friend if you're not a fan of flagging down a ride in the Big Apple because we know how incredibly tired your arm becomes from... Continue Reading »

New Google Shopping Tool Predicts Inventories

Just about every major retailer has an online store -- and most can show you whether a particular item is in stock at a local store. Still, wouldn't it be great if there was some dead-simple way to scan store shelves while you're out and about? Say, from your smartphone? Google thinks so, and they're working a new search... Continue Reading »

Unwire Your Home Network

Today, just about any electronic gadget worth its salt comes with built-in wireless -- and that's a very convenient way to share your Internet connection. But what about devices like the Xbox 360 or your trusty old Playstation 2? Are you stuck stringing ugly network cables all over your house to get them online since... Continue Reading »

Text Me When the Bus Is Here

iPhone and Blackberry owners might have access to all kinds of sexy apps for their phones, but there are millions of people using more run-of-the-mill cell phones. Smart developers like Roadify know that, and they're busy creating clever, useful programs that work on any phone with text messaging abilities. You may have... Continue Reading »

Home Fencing System Saves You Money

"Good fences make good neighbors," goes the line from Robert Frost's poem The Mending Wall. In the case of EarthSure's S.A.F.E., a good fence also makes an eco-friendly neighbor. S.A.F.E. stands for Solar Alternative Functioning Energy, and if you've been contemplating a new fence or adding solar to your home -- or both... Continue Reading »

Your Home Never Sounded So Good

Most of you probably have dozens, hundreds, even thousands of MP3 files on your laptop or desktop computer. What you may not have is a hassle-free way to listen to those tunes without having to be parked in front of your system. Aperion Audio has an fail-proof solution. Their wireless Home Audio Link system is a simple... Continue Reading »

Your Kitchen Gets Geek Chic

It's hard to imagine now, but there was a time not long ago when people would never have considered their kitchen as an appropriate place for a computer. Attitudes have changed, though, and connected devices are everywhere. That now includes the kitchen, where you'll find Internet-ready touchscreens on appliances like... Continue Reading »

Skype Invades Your Living Room

It's not common for the name of a computer program to evolve into a verb. In fact, I can only readily think of only two examples: Photoshop and Skype. And in Skype's case, the use of their name is going to become a lot more frequent thanks to some new tech introduced at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. Skype... Continue Reading »

Homeowner Electric Bills Get High-Tech Help

For most home owners, about the only way to quickly control how much energy they consume is by cranking down the thermostat. That's certainly true my home. That's about to change. Soon your home will be more connected and "smarter" than ever, thanks to two technologies under development. One comes from a group headed by... Continue Reading »

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