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Home Selling Tips Selling your home can be a daunting process. The questions never seem to end: How do you set a price? What comps do you look at? How do you find a real estate agent to work with? (Or should you try selling by yourself?) How will you (and your agent) market your home? How do you sell your home on the... Continue Reading »

Marketing Avant-Garde and Affordable Home Design

Inside the hallowed halls of the 2010 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) -- where world-renowned interior designers gather to show off their most recent creations -- there's a pocket of young, fresh-faced designers selling their wares. Welcome to "designboom mart." This collaboration is between ICFF and the... Continue Reading »

Design on a Dime: Glam Apartment Tips

Last week I reported on the opening of the annual interior design event Design on a Dime. The event featured superb vignettes of of over 50 rooms decorated in all styles - from classical, to whimsical, to "French Fierce" - by an array of truly talented designers. Before the doors opened to the public and crowds swooped... Continue Reading »

Design to Inspire, Priced to Sell

Last night was the opening reception for the sixth annual Design on a Dime, an extremely popular interior design event where everyone involved really benefits! Over 50 interior designs (including Ty Pennington, Jaclyn Smith, Yetta Banks and Jamie Drake) created vignettes of a room in the house, and outfitted them with an... Continue Reading »

Crazy Collections of Apartment Dwellers

While designers will tell you to gather and artfully arrange the items you collect, many of these designers probably envision collections of statuettes from your trip to China or maybe even your burgeoning collection of milk glass. But could these designers be prepared for some of the strangest collections I discovered... Continue Reading »

Renters, There's Still Time to Bargain

Yesterday we reminded you that May 1st is moving day. Chances are good that you or someone you know is about to take the big leap into a new place - but don't sign that lease without a little insider's knowledge. According to the UK's National Landlords Association (NLA), landlords are still experiencing high levels of... Continue Reading »

Upcycled Vinyl: Vintage Records Get Home-Decor Spin

Vinyl purists, look away. You may not want to see the artistic liberties young crafters are taking with your coveted records. But then again, you may want to decorate your home with these repurposed LPs. In it's third year, Record Store Day (April 17th) was a worldwide success. Record stores and the people that love them... Continue Reading »

Upcycle Your Junk Into Treasures

These early days of spring cleaning will have you eyeing your possessions with a bit of should-it-stay-or-should it go mentality. Before you're too quick on the draw to either "trash them" or "donate them," consider the word "upcycle." Not to be confused with recycling, upcycling is taking an old or useless object and... Continue Reading »

Beyond Astroturf: Grass-Like Carpets for the Home

Now that you've stowed away winter's wooly socks and skid-free slippers, your bare feet are likely touching polished wood or worn-down carpeting – so why not add a touch of grass. Spring has sprung and the urge to spruce up your interiors has no doubt crept into your psyche. One glorious spring/summer pastime is... Continue Reading »

Your Chance to Dine in Italian Palaces

If the adage that it takes a village to raise a child seems astonishing, you may be overwhelmed to find out that it takes a city to serve dinner. Italian designer Alessandro Zambelli has come up with a brilliant set of dishes that won't clutter your kitchen cabinets because chances are you'll want to display them proudly on... Continue Reading »

A Washing Machine Problem Solver

Perhaps you are one of the fortunate few who have a washer and dryer in your own apartment. You no longer find yourself shlepping pounds of dirty clothes down flights of stairs to the nearest laundromat several blocks away. But even if you can include yourself in the don't-need-to-collect-quarters-for-the-wash crowd,... Continue Reading »

The Secrets of a NYC Apartment Winner

In a recent search for news in the world of apartment living, I stumbled across a contest in Manchester, England that awarded some lucky bloke a furnished, rent-free, luxury apartment for a year - James Gilhooly, I envy you. But it made me wonder about another apartment giveaway contest that took place last year a lot... Continue Reading »

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