Housing Markets Where Home Listings Spiked This Summer

realtor.com August marks the end of a very exciting homebuying season filled with dynamic changes in local housing markets. The season began with significant inventory shortages creating pent-up demand in local markets with buyers waiting eagerly for homes to come on the market. Sellers who were able to list their homes... Continue Reading »

NFL Star's Real Estate Plays in Marina del Ray

realtor.com By Neal J. Leitereg When we last left off the Dashon Goldson trail, the former 49ers Pro Bowl safety was days away from taking on the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII and a few weeks removed from buying a luxury condo in Marina del Rey, Calif. Goldson has since departed San Francisco for Tampa Bay... Continue Reading »

Tennessee Titans-Themed Home For Sale: Nashville's Ultimate 'Fan Cave'?

Realtor.com By Neal J. Leitereg The NFL season may be limited to just 16 games -- give or take a few, if your team is lucky enough to grace the postseason –- but one home venue invites you to enjoy the football stadium experience year-round. Whether you are in the market for the ultimate Tennessee Titans... Continue Reading »

Top 10 Turnaround Towns of 2012's Second Quarter

As we continue to see signs of a broad real estate market recovery, it's important to remember that the recovery still varies wildly from market to market. Anyone still struggling to sell their homes, or with underwater mortgages are well aware that things aren't better everywhere. But some of the hardest hit areas are... Continue Reading »

Are You Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

By Neal J. Leitereg In case you're in complete denial or have been living under a rock in recent days, it has become quite apparent that THE ZOMBIE APOCALPYSE IS UPON US, PEOPLE. Reported horrific incidents of face-eating, intestine-throwing, arm-gnawing, hush-hush hazmat evacuations, and/or general cannibalistic... Continue Reading »

5 Most Expensive Homes on the Market

The recent listing of the late Gianni Versace's luxe estate, Casas Casuarina, has once again drawn our attention to the fine, fine homes that the majority of us will never be able to afford. So count your millions, children, because we're going on a ride down Fat Cat Real Estate Lane to check out the richest homes... Continue Reading »

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