Strategies for a Serene Bedroom

A group of scientists intent on studying the impacts of our technological crutches spent several days camping in Utah, utterly removed from the digital world. Their trip, chronicled in The New York Times, revealed -- surprise! -- that behavior and thought processes change when we unplug from cell phones and e-mail, arguably... Continue Reading »

Fashion-Inspired Decor Dresses Up Drab Apartments

As prominent fashion designers release home decor lines, and clothing catalogs feature sets as thrilling as the outfits, the lines between what we wear and how we decorate our apartments are increasingly blurred. Use the stylish examples below as starting points for a new look in your own rented space:... Continue Reading »

Accessories Put Your Stamp on Your Apartment

When you've run out of creative ideas, tired of DIY schemes and considered abandoning all hope of personalizing your apartment, it may be time to incorporate trendy accessories or furnishings. Inspired by style maven Rachel Zoe's recent mention of Alexandra Von Furstenberg's neon Acrylic Coasters, here are a few cool and... Continue Reading »

How to Turn a Stinky Apartment Into a Fresh-Smelling Home

The only thing worse than hot, sticky weather is a hot, stinky apartment. Instead of suffering through – or haphazardly covering up – the smells emanating from your kitchen garbage can, why not take the experts' advice? Below, we divulge everything you need to know to keep your apartment smelling fresh and clean... Continue Reading »

Stylish Ceiling Fans Bring Cool Design and Energy Savings to Apartments

There's at least another month of steamy temperatures left to withstand. But even if you already own an air conditioner, a ceiling fan still could be a worthwhile investment. According to some experts, installing ceiling fans can cut energy costs. They also can make surprisingly stylish additions to rooms in your... Continue Reading »

Organizing Small Kitchen Keeps Things Cooking

The clutter happens quickly inside many an apartment-dweller's kitchen. The buildup of stuff: pens, notepads, dishes, vases, sleek new appliances, cookbooks and Tupperware. Before you know it, clutter is stopping you from using your kitchen – however small – to the fullest. Before the mess cuts into your... Continue Reading »

Staycation Decorating: Bring the Vacation Home With Travel Themes

While The Perfect Design Blog suggests travel as a way for graphic designers to revive their creativity and broaden their perspectives, we think everyone, despite what you do for a living, can benefit from changes of pace and scenery. But if your summer vacation has passed, or you just can't get away, fear not, apartment... Continue Reading »

Rental Shares: How Collectivism Works for Apartment Dwellers

Among young urbanites, the general consensus of late is that cooperation is a good thing. New York magazine reports on the trend of collectivism, saying, "The sharing of everything from cabs to clothes to child care is suddenly modish, promoted by city officials, exploited by entrepreneurs, and pursued by legions of... Continue Reading »

Design Blogs Roundup: Bring the Beach Inside

It can be tough to move on from the Fourth of July; we're all experiencing a bit of a letdown after the fantastic fireworks and mouthwatering grilling sessions, gatherings with friends and family, and downtime away from work. But bloggers have come to the rescue, presenting ways to bring a beach vibe inside. From boardwalk... Continue Reading »

Recipes for Beating the Heat in Your Apartment's Kitchen

At 6:30 a.m. today, temperatures in New York City had already reached the mid 80s. While we wouldn't blame any of you for shunning the stove in favor of an ice cream cone today, the heat does not necessarily have to keep urban apartment dwellers from eating delicious, healthy meals. The following ideas should keep your... Continue Reading »

Buy These Used Items to Spruce Up Your Space

Sometimes the best things for your apartment come free – or at least cheaply. U.S. News and World Report fills us in on the "21 Things You Should Never Buy New," including several items that we think all penny-pinching renters must be aware of. Best of all, summertime is a great season for finding deals and steals... Continue Reading »

Apartment Design Blogs: July 4th Grilling Tips

Backyards and barbecue are the stuff that Independence Day dreams are made of, but a lack of green space doesn't mean you should abandon all hope of fun on the Fourth. Grilled burgers and vegetables charred to perfection are not out of reach for apartment dwellers, thanks to the impressive array of grilling equipment,... Continue Reading »

Simple Design Ideas to Recycle Your Dull Table

The following idea -- recycling furniture with woven mats -- merges an affordable, do-it-yourself sensibility. In other words, it's every green-minded urbanite's dream. Not sold? Neither was I. That is until I realized that recreating this quirky woven tabletop look, pointed out by Design Sponge, requires neither... Continue Reading »

Apartment Design Blogs: Letting Summer Sink In

Some of our favorite design blogs have been summer-obsessed this week, digging up chic mobile planters, finding the coolest campsite-inspired decor, and bringing beachside flair inside. Here's a roundup of ideas sure to transform your apartment into a private respite from the season's concert crowds and sticky humidity. ... Continue Reading »

A Guide to Brooklyn's Flea Markets and Thrift Stores

Living in Brooklyn means you don't have to spend a fortune to furnish your apartment. With the borough's seemingly endless array of thrift stores and flea markets, there's no excuse not to create a chic and sophisticated space with cozy personal touches. That attitude also applies to your closet, thanks to the myriad... Continue Reading »

Where to Hear Live Music in Brooklyn

There's perhaps no better cultural barometer than music, and no better way to get acclimated to your new neighborhood than to catch local live shows. While New York has remained a melting pot of talented up-and-coming bands for decades, it's Brooklyn that has risen to the top of the indie talent heap. The borough offers a... Continue Reading »

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