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Avoiding Mold in Your Home

Shutterstock Wondering if your home has a mold problem? You should. Mold can grow anywhere in a place where moisture is allowed to leak or accumulate. Whether the cause is a loaf of bread gone bad, or rain water dripping into your attic, the key to eliminating mold growth in your home is targeting the source. Mold... Continue Reading »

10 U.S. Housing Markets on the Rebound Right Now

Travelin' Librarian/Flickr In a tumultuous summer in the American housing market that saw home prices and mortgage rates rise, the nation's housing recovery was led by cities as diverse as Detroit, Santa Barbara, Calif., and Reno, Nev., according to's review of third quarter 2013 housing data. The survey ranks... Continue Reading »

Michael Jordan's Home Auction: Best Shot for a High-End Property?

Michael Jordan's suburban Chicago mansion is up on the auction block -- not because of foreclosure or bankruptcy, but perhaps because selling a home via auction seems to be an emerging trend in the luxury real estate market. "Instead of being at the mercy of the market and waiting for buyers to make offers, the sellers... Continue Reading »

Buy a Haunted House? Most Would Consider It, Survey Says

The ghosts and goblins in our homes might be more than Halloween decorations fashioned from scissored bed sheets and carved pumpkins -- so say a large number of those recently surveyed about living in a haunted house. According to the poll by, more than a third of the consumers it questioned reported living... Continue Reading »

Rat Invasion Baffles Homeowner and Exterminator

A homeowner in the Northwest reports that her property is being overrun with rats and her dog has been bitten by them 18 times even though she has a clean home and orderly yard. Joan Lankow of Centralia, Wash., made news there as her rodent problem has grown out of control, with dozens of rats eating the grapes off the... Continue Reading »

Singer Deniece Williams' Plastic-Wrapped Mansion Annoys Neighbors

The mansion wrapped in plastic is not part of a Christo art installation -- those are only temporary. The 20,000-square-foot house in Cherry Hill, N.J., that's owned by a four-time Grammy-winning singer reportedly has been under construction since 2008 with apparently no end in sight -- just the sight of it under a lot... Continue Reading »

Evicted Tenant Allegedly Trashes House To Make It Uninhabitable

A tenant who's complained to news media about abandoned or unsafe homes in his South Bend, Ind., neighborhood has contributed to the problem himself by trashing the house he rented to the point where it's no longer inhabitable, says his former landlady. "Allen told me he would make sure the house was not rentable... Continue Reading »

Swimming Pool Pops Above Ground, Leaving Florida Family High and Dry

A Florida family came home one night this week and were startled to see that their in-ground pool had popped up out of the soil. Now it turns out that that when it comes to covering the thousands to repair it, the insurance payment may be only a drop in the bucket. "We had this disastrous scene in the backyard,"... Continue Reading »

Raising the Roof: Stunning Homes Designed by Women

Dan Steinberg/The Associated Press Though Frank Lloyd Wright famously called architecture "the mother art," it might be the one that's been least welcoming to women. When Wright apprentice Eleanor K. Pettersen received a Certificate in Architecture from the American Institute of Architects in 1941, she was a rarity. And... Continue Reading »

Purple-and-Pink House Stirs Passions in New Jersey Town

Courtesy of Bill Peer A homeowner says that he's painted his house purple and decorated it with pink ribbons because he wants to raise awareness about two fatal diseases. But some of his neighbors are seeing red over what they view as a retaliatory gesture, not a charitable one. And they say they've been complaining... Continue Reading »

County Housing Code Pushing College Students Out of Shared Home

Five college students are wondering where they will live next after their landlords were denied a special-use permit allowing the young women to continue occupying a three-bedroom single-family home in northern Georgia. Less than two weeks after moving into the house, neighbors complained that the students were... Continue Reading »

Trade a Share of a Down Payment for a Stake in Your Home?

REX HomeBuyer/YouTube Would you accept help getting a down payment on a home now for a stake in the potential profit on the sale of that home later? That's the deal being offered by a program called REX HomeBuyer which offers to match up to half a homebuyer's down payment on a home for a chunk of the property's equity. ... Continue Reading »

New Urban Centers Sub for the Suburbs in the American Dream

The makeup of the American household is changing. The birthrate is falling, people are getting married later, baby boomers and senior citizens are aging America. Millennials don't want the neighborhood their parents had, but they might move back in with their parents until they can afford to live in the one they want.... Continue Reading »

Ohio State Students' Mysterious Housemate -- A Lesson for Tenants

The Lantern/YouTube When you hear strange noises in the bowels of your rental, see lights turned on that should be off, kitchen drawers left open that you know you closed, what would you think? Some Ohio State University students' reaction was that the house might be haunted -- and they joked with friends about the... Continue Reading »

What Renters Should Do Before Natural Disaster Strikes

Brennan Linsley/The Associated Press When natural disaster strikes, a tornado, flood or hurricane does not discriminate between renters and homeowners. And renters are often more vulnerable to material losses than homeowners because they are less prepared. However, some fast-acting tenants in Colorado's floodwaters... Continue Reading »

Notorious Schaffhausen House Dismantled for Charity

KSTP The two-story home where three young girls died at the hands of their father in River Falls, Wis., is being dismantled piece by piece this week. The land it's set on will ultimately be sold so that proceeds can go toward building a playground in the memory of 11-year-old Amara, 8-year-old Sophie, and 5-year-old... Continue Reading »

For Bigger Homebuying Value, Look in These Smaller Markets

With fixed mortgage rates rising by more than a full percentage point since May and more likely to go higher than lower, homes are becoming significantly less affordable for those not buying with cash. That means homebuyers still trying to take advantage of still-low mortgage rates might have to set their sights a... Continue Reading »

Experts' Top Home Improvement Projects for a Booming Housing Market

More consumers are dusting off their cordless drills, tape measures and jigsaws, or at least are shelling out for paint, spackle or flooring products. Home remodeling is on an upswing, according to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. A byproduct of rising home sales during this past year, new homeowners... Continue Reading »

9 Best Places to Retire

As the housing market keeps showing signs of a strong turn-around, it might finally be time for baby boomers and empty-nesters who want to downsize to feel confident again about selling their homes and relocating to some place sunny or near the water. Using data from Kiplinger's list of top states to retire -- based on... Continue Reading »

Top 10 Cities for Child-Free Living

American households are changing, becoming more unconventional -- and one of the most dramatic changes is that they're much less likely to include children. Time magazine explored "The Child-Free" life in a recent cover story that trumpeted it as perhaps the new way of "having it all," and cited a birthrate that's at its... Continue Reading »

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