10 Energy-Efficient Home Upgrades You Should Make

On Earth Day and every day, we need to find ways to be kind to the Earth, preserve our natural resources and minimize the energy we are using. There are a variety of things that homeowners can do to make their homes more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Adam Prince of ZeroEnergy Design recommends implementing... Continue Reading »

Hurricane Sandy Housing Lessons: How to Build a Better Home

There were important housing lessons to be learned from Hurricane Sandy, which ravaged a good part of the East Coast last week. Thousands of houses were without power for more than a week, and some are apt to be out for much longer. If those houses had been equipped with some form of renewable energy with battery... Continue Reading »

Why Your Next Home Should Be Prefab

While picking up some prescriptions recently, my local pharmacist, who knows I write about home construction, asked me if I had any suggestions for how he should build his new house. Since I'm a big advocate for prefab, I suggested that he consider building his house modular. His response shocked me: "I wouldn't want to... Continue Reading »

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