Living Large in Tiny Digs

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Victoria Vargas of Smaller Living about how to live lightly and creatively in 375 square feet. We talked about her experience in a small space, decorating tips, and more: Can you tell us about your downsizing experience? Victoria Vargas: I've tended to live in smaller... Continue Reading »

Declutter Your Rental on Give Your Stuff Away Day

Is your teeny tiny apartment full of clutter, now is time to get your decluttering groove on! September 25 will be the next Give Your Stuff Away Day, where you'll find free stuff all over neighborhoods in American. Founder Mike Morone's goal is to hold this "worldwide twice annually. The event could eventually help... Continue Reading »

Open Closets: Bringing Visible Order to Chaotic Rental

Have you ever considered bringing your closet into the open? The concept of open closets has been popping up all over the internet. I love this idea, especially for small spaces. It's a great way to display your beautiful wardrobe and it's a fun design idea. This might not be for everyone, but it's something to consider.... Continue Reading »

How to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Hideaway beds are one of the most creative, space saving ideas out there. Especially, for those of us who live in very tiny spaces. When you have company over for a dinner party or want to spread out to work on a crafting project, you can literally hide your bed. Let's take a look at the history of the hideaway beds... Continue Reading »

Ace of Space: Letting Go of Sentimental Objects

Sentimental objects can be difficult to part with because they have meaning -- they aren't just random trinkets or clutter. But keeping and displaying sentimental items is especially difficult for tiny-space dwellers. If you're faced with the problem of too many meaningful mementoes and not enough room, here are a few ways... Continue Reading »

Ace of Space: Grow an Edible Garden on the Roof

If you're anything like me, you probably don't have a porch or huge backyard for a fruit and vegetable garden. But chances are that you have a roof, and that's a great place to start an edible gardening project. Apartment Therapy recently featured the story of Basil Lee. He's a Brooklyn-based architect who has... Continue Reading »

How to Downsize to Under 100 Things

Have you heard of the 100 Thing Challenge? The challenge was started by Dave Bruno, who calls it "my little way to personalize my efforts to fight American-style consumerism." "A lot of people around the world feel 'stuck in stuff,' " Bruno explains. "They feel like their closets and garages are too full of things that... Continue Reading »

Moving With Kids: More Fun, Less Stress

If moving is stressful for adults, imagine what it must be doing to your children! So if you're moving with kids, it's essential to consider how they feel. Our experts say the key to make moving with kids less stressful and more fun is communication and preparation. Joshua Becker, the blogger behind Becoming Minimalist,... Continue Reading »

Ace of Space: Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

Junk drawers are spaces in your home where random stuff is stored. The stuff might be useful, but it doesn't have a designated home and the result is a drawer full of clutter. For those of you with a cluttered junk drawer, consider the following strategies to clean it out: 1. Sort and remove your stuff. After... Continue Reading »

Ace of Space: Gardening From the Ceiling

Vertical gardening and window farming is all the rage this summer. And the latest trend in the gardening world is called string gardening. The idea is simple: Grow your vegetables from the ceiling instead of the floor. Plus, string gardens don't take up much space and are a simple yet elegant addition to any room. Rachel... Continue Reading »

Ace of Space: 4 Winter Wardrobe Solutions

The summer heat is still on, but before you know it the winter cold will be here. So this is the perfect time of year to organize and weed out your winter wardrobe. After you've purged your closet, you should have more space to hang your clothing. But if you're like most apartment dwellers you might need a little extra... Continue Reading »

Home Redo Ideas Worth Stealing: Getting Comfortable

Creating a comfortable, cozy, yet well designed space isn't as hard as it sometimes seems. The key is incorporating simple, small, and inexpensive design ideas into your living space. Follow the tips below and I guarantee you'll add more depth and warmth to your abode: 1. Small space? Big pattern! Use fabric to... Continue Reading »

Ace of Space: Creative Lighting Solutions Illuminate Small Apartments

Lighting your small space can be challenging. Especially, when floor space is limited. However, Apartment Therapy recently posted a clever solution to this problem. By incorporating a variety of pendant lamps into your small space, you can create "an eclectic look along with a pleasant overhead glow." The folks at... Continue Reading »

Sofa: Fitting Into Small Space Takes Deft Touch

A sofa is the centerpiece of a living room. So picking a comfortable, yet well designed sofa is one key to designing a comfortable living space. This is especially important for those of you who live in small apartments. A sofa that's too big can overwhelm a living room and leave you feeling cramped. But don't fret: All... Continue Reading »

Apartment Fire Safety Tips

After a Friday night out on the town, Cheryl was looking forward to coming home to her nice cozy apartment. But she was in for a huge shock. As Cheryl drove up her street she saw a large blaze, and in front of her apartment complex, fire engines. Along with many other residents, Cheryl lost her home. And it turns out that... Continue Reading »

Bogus Book Jackets Add Bookish Style

Even if you have a minimalist library, you don't have to forgo artistic book displays. You just have to think outside the box. And when I stumbled upon Esta Sketch's latest creation I jumped for joy! Esta Sketch made a beautiful framed display of her favorite books, using "Postcards From Penguin -- 100 Book Jackets in... Continue Reading »

Perfect Chairs for Tiny Butts

It can be tough to find cool chairs to fit in teeny-tiny spaces. However, you don't have to let your space go to waste. Say goodbye to big, bulky chairs and incorporate a few of these simple and well-designed pieces into your home. 1. Twin Chair by Philippe Nigro The Twin Chair has two layers that can be stacked... Continue Reading »

Declutter Your Apartment: Fast Ways to Get Organized

"Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; from discord find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." - Albert Einstein Living lightly and creatively in a small space can be difficult, especially if you are surrounded by clutter. And when you're just getting started, the idea of decluttering is... Continue Reading »

Live Simply: The Best Books to Help

No matter how big or small your home, it's easy to fill that space with excess stuff. And if you aren't careful stuff can easily clutter up your apartment, mind, and leave a big dent in your wallet. So if you're thinking about purging excess stuff from your life, consider checking out these books for help in how to start... Continue Reading »

Green Grilling: Eco-Friendly Ways to Barbecue

Summer has arrived and the heat is on! Cooking burgers, kebobs, and other barbecue delights have been on my mind all week. It's time to get cooking! But before you bring out the barbecue, consider incorporating some of these eco-friendly tips into your grilling routine. 1. Say no to disposable products. Reuse,... Continue Reading »

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