'Western White House' Swaggers Onto the Market

By Ann Brenoff The iconic Los Angeles home that once belonged to Norman and Dorothy Chandler is coming back on the market for $11.25 million. The Windsor Square mansion -- a city-designated historic-cultural monument -- was designed by associates of architect Julia Morgan (you remember -- the one who helped design... Continue Reading »

12 Great Places to Retire, Starting at $89,000

By Ann Brenoff The question on the mind of many a midlifer is: Where can I afford to retire? The recession took a toll on our stock portfolios and a major bite into the equity of our family homes. Many of us know we need to downsize and live more affordably. With that in mind, Huff/Post50 went looking for homes in... Continue Reading »

Houston Ranked Most Ethnically Diverse Metro in U.S.

Houston has surpassed the likes of Los Angeles and New York as the most ethnically diverse metropolitan area in the the U.S., according to a new report out of Rice University. The report, from the university's Kinder Institute of Urban Research and the Hobby Center for the Study of Texas, drew from census data from 1990,... Continue Reading »

Paul Hogan's Malibu Home Hits Market at $6.5 Million

"Crocodile Dundee" star Paul Hogan, embroiled in tax-evasion allegations in his native Australia, has listed for sale his Malibu estate that shares the same guard gates as homes owned by Mel Gibson and Kelsey Grammar. Hogan's 5,300-square-foot contemporary just came on the market at $6.475 million. He bought the house in... Continue Reading »

Aging in Place: Stashing Granny in a Backyard Shed?

OK, so the only thing standing between your mother and the assisted living place with the awful medicinal smell is your guest room -- and as much as you love Mom, you really don't want to have her living under the same roof. Is there no other choice? Actually, there is. There's a burgeoning industry that aims to provide... Continue Reading »

Clippers' Chris Paul Scores House From Avril Lavigne

By Ann Brenoff Clippers point guard Chris Paul just made good use of some of his $68 million contract. He plopped down a good chunk of it to buy pop diva Avril Lavigne's Bel-Air house that's been on the market since last spring at $9.8 million. Lavigne listed the house after her split from Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley.... Continue Reading »

Report: Down Payment Changes Could Hobble Minority Buyers

Nearly three-quarters of African-American and Latino mortgage borrowers could be excluded from affordable homeownership if federal regulators approve a proposal to require 20 percent down payments, according to a study released Wednesday. Co-authored by the UNC Center for Community Capital and the Center for Responsible... Continue Reading »

Homeless Face Eviction From Tent City

By Jaweed Kaleem It was not long ago that most Americans would envy Marilyn Berenzweig. A textile designer, she earned $100,000 a year and lived a comfortable New York City life with her husband, a former radio producer. They paid $2,000 month for their apartment, kept a vegan diet, and had had a soft spot for pet... Continue Reading »

Government Trying to Repay 200,000 Minority Borrowers

By Bonnie Kavoussi The government would like to repay more than 200,000 minority borrowers who allegedly paid unfairly high interest rates and fees on mortgages, but first the government needs to find them. After a historic $335 million settlement with Bank of America's Countrywide unit -- the largest housing... Continue Reading »

Study: Foreclosure Process Time Has Doubled Since 2007

By Alexander Eichler If the American housing market is ever to recover -- and provide some momentum to a broader economic turnaround -- it needs to work its way through the millions of foreclosed properties that have yet to be processed and auctioned off. But those cases are taking longer and longer to get through. ... Continue Reading »

Frank Lloyd Wright Movie Builds on Architect's Dark Past

It comes as no big surprise that Frank Lloyd Wright was dubbed "the greatest American architect of all time" by the American Institute of Architects. But did you know that the home Wright (who's depicted in a bust at left) built for his mistress was set on fire by Wright's male servant who then axe-murdered seven people... Continue Reading »

Fannie and Freddie Freeze Foreclosures for the Holidays

By Bonnie Kavoussi Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other mortgage providers have a Christmas present for struggling homeowners: They won't get thrown out of their houses homes during the holiday season. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will not foreclose on any homeowners between December 19 and January 2, according to... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure's Forgotten Victims: Tenants

By Matt Sledge MIAMI -- Sergio Palacios doesn't have the typical South Florida foreclosure story. He doesn't live in a McMansion in some suburban subdivision. He wasn't tricked into a mortgage he couldn't afford. In fact, he doesn't own a home at all. He's a tenant. But for the last five months and counting,... Continue Reading »

Journalist's Housing Fraud Investigation Got Personal

Improper foreclosure practices are so widespread in Las Vegas that one reporter trying to expose them found that he too was a victim. George Knapp, chief investigative reporter for Las Vegas CBS affiliate KLAS, was investigating how "tens of thousands" of people who thought they were homeowners turned out not to actually... Continue Reading »

Still No Fair Deal for 'Robo-Signing' Victims?

By Loren Berlin The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency issued a report Tuesday naming the independent auditors who they've assigned to review the files of Americans who may have been mistreated during recent foreclosure proceedings. But the announcement set off a firestorm of criticism from consumer advocates, who... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure Crisis Still in Full Swing, Report Says

By Loren Berlin Five years in, the nation is less than halfway through its foreclosure crisis, the nonpartisan Center for Responsible Lending warned in a report released Thursday. "For people that think we're out of the woods, they need to kind of rethink that premise," said Roberto Quercia, director of the Center for... Continue Reading »

Nevada Sets Precedent, Indicts Bank Employees for 'Robo-Signing'

By Arthur Delaney and Loren Berlin The Nevada attorney general has indicted two midlevel staffers at a mortgage document company, Lender Processing Services, on a whopping 606 counts of felony and gross misdemeanor for directing employees to forge signatures and falsely notarize documents used to illegally foreclose... Continue Reading »

Gingrich Reportedly Got $1.6 Million From Freddie Mac

In recent months, GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich has strongly criticized Freddie Mac and sister company Fannie Mae, as well as Democrats in Congress that he claims played a key role in the collapse of the housing market. And yet two former Freddie Mac officials recently told Bloomberg that Gingrich made between... Continue Reading »

Fed Up Georgia Judge Stands Up for Struggling Homeowner

By Arthur Delaney Georgia Judge Dennis Blackmon is fed up with bailed-out banks refusing to help strapped homeowners. "Sometimes, only the courts of law stand to protect the taxpayer. Somewhere, someone has to stand up," Blackmon wrote in a five-page Nov. 2 order in Carroll County Superior Court. "Well, sometimes is... Continue Reading »

Foreclosed Homeowners May Gain Little in Huge Bank Settlement

By Arthur Delaney Foreclosed borrowers abused by their lenders won't get their homes back, but they could get a little cash from a settlement under negotiation between state officials, the Obama administration, and the nation's biggest banks. A coalition of attorneys general led by Iowa AG Tom Miller and federal... Continue Reading »

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